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Dominica Giraduel hosts the Flower Show, featuring colorful gardens and gardening.

Roseaw, Dominica The nature of the Caribbean island of Dominica is renowned for its 365 rivers, spectacular hiking trails and waterfalls, making it a unique tourist destination. Now, in a similar vein, the country has launched its biggest and most anticipated Girauadel Flower show.

A.D. On May 27, 2022, the Dominican government issued a press release announcing the launch of the flower show.

At the opening of the Giraweld Flower Show on Friday, the country invited tourists to see its colorful gardens and orchards! Visit the mountainous village of Giraudel to see the colorful Dominican gardens and fruits.

The flower show will run from May 27 to 29, each offering a variety of themes and activities for friends and family, including local snacks and food, desserts, photo booths, local artists and DJ music, captivating homes, herbalists and educational activities. Agricultural units with zoos.

Various events such as gardening and the sweetness of flowers and the importance of flowers are presented at the show.

  • May 27 | Opening day at 4 p.m.
  • May 28 | 11 am: Creole Brush
  • May 29 | 11 am: Vegetable Tea Party

The Girawodel Flower Show kicks off this Friday, May 27, 2022 under the motto ‘Glazed Garden’.

The flower show also highlighted the importance of natural beauty to the people of Dominica. It also emphasizes the effects of climate change and creates a loving atmosphere for the environment.

The Dominican government is a small island nation devastated by climate change and has promised to be the first country to tackle the effects of climate change.

Hurricane Maria and other tropical areas have been impacted by climate change, causing massive displacement that has devastated the lives of Dominicans and left much of the country’s population homeless.

Thus, initiatives such as the Flower Show help the government highlight the beauty and importance of nature.

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