Donate to the 2021 Cowra Garden Club Final Meeting

On Thursday night, December 2, the Coura Garden Club held its final meeting in the beautiful garden and aviary at Gary and Pam McKay’s house in Dawson Drive Coura.

Before proceeding with the meeting with President Heather Kill, members of the delegation wandered in to see the majestic situation.

Coming to Kovid with some monthly meetings and events, Coura Garden Club has had a successful year with wonderful guests, a shopping table and four open Coura City gardens.

First, Heather Kelly on November 6, in beautiful Spring weather and three more gardens – John and Judy Duton on Dawson Drive, Norm and Chris Palazzi on Grenfell Road and Gary and Gloria Kibler on Taronga Drive on Saturday, November 13th.

It was raining hard on this day, but the constant flow of visitors came to see the beautiful gardens.

With the support of members of the Garden Club who came to turn the record around in such a harsh weather all day, it was a remarkable effort to make the event a success.

President Heather Killi was pleased to present a $ 1,000 check for funds from both events.

The check was presented to Sally Cumings and Anne Jeffrey from Coura riding for the disabled.

The evening continued with a wonderful dinner for members of the common Christmas table.

The first prize went to Wanda Casim and the second prize went to Robert Oliver.

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