Donated to Amy Caprio, a fallen officer outside the Baltimore Company

PARKVIL, MD (WMAR) – After years of planning and fundraising, it was time to turn the Baltimore County Police Station into a garbage dump.

“Parkville has created a landscape. And we care what it says to the community. We worry about ourselves. We care about you, ”said Amy’s mother, Debbie Sorel.

A.D. It was to commemorate the daughter of Baltimore County Sheriff Amy Caprio L, who was forcibly killed during a robbery in 2018.

“Amy came to work every day, wearing her uniform and badge, because she wanted to. Because she wanted to go out there and make a difference, ”said Capt. De Camille.

On Sunday, the community gathered at the Parkville venue to celebrate the new monument.

When I think of the best way to honor people, I think planting gardens or things, they grow things, they bring life. They are very important and special, ”said Chief Melissa Hayat.

Parkville Eagle Scout candidate Owen Mrock plans to support the project with the community and department.

“At this point in the policy, the community would come forward and ask us if there was a service project that they could do here for us, like the Scout soldier, that would elevate us as a district and as a community. Profession, ”said Captain Brian Edwards.

The monument has grown into a full-fledged garden with a bronze tablet celebrating Capricorn on a rock between a sculpted bench and another rock.

It will be a place of remembrance and protection.

“Stones that serve as high-speed protection for glass lobbies. The fact that Amy is still waiting for us is symbolic. She still stands by us, ”said Edwards.

The entire Parkville Boy Scout Army continues to support Amy’s mother, who has been a gardener since her death.


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