Don’t have a yard? Grow these California native plants in a container garden

Flora Eton, manager of the Theodore Payne Foundation for Children at the Sun Valley, asked a series of questions when I told her that I was interested in local plants on the porch of my apartment.

What are the dimensions of the space? How much sun does it hit on the porch and what is the strongest during the day? Will there be problems if water passes through the container?

You do not need a yard to house a California native plant and develop a nest for local pollen. A container garden on the porch or balcony can also be affected. Eto, who teaches online container gardening every month, has seen an interest in this area.

In a recent phone call, she said, “We have increased the capacity of the container garden here.” He was always here, and now he was really caught after the plague.

Eto thinks there are some reasons for that. “People are realizing how native plants can not only create a living environment but also help the environment,” she says. Eto’o added, “I think people are very interested in the environment and things that come from California, especially in the case of fires and other tragic mistakes.”

Only a few local plants can benefit the local biodiversity. Only by planting edible plants can we support pollen conservation around our home, ”said Angela Laws, a conservation species conservationist working for Zerses Society, an international non-profit organization working on ecosystem conservation. Bees rely on local plants for food, but the law states that butterflies rely on certain plants as hosts.

An example is the relationship between the royal butterfly and certain dairy species. “If you breastfeed around your home or community, kings may lay eggs on them, and caterpillars can feed on that plant and reach adults,” she explains.

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