Dot Boy grows a garden in Brooklyn

“Are you and John married?” Years ago, Kofi Thomas, a five-year-old girl, crossed the yard and stood behind her three-year-old sister, Kalima. Imagine this little boy asking, “I know I’m bad and I love him.” A few years before the legalization of same-sex marriage, Wilma’s mother, Wilma, compared the relationship of two homosexual neighbors to that of a couple.

Kofi’s parents are from the Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Dominica. His mother lived happily ever after. Gene for him. Wilma was a well-known comedian in the Boston Dominican community, and when we returned to our old Patriot Day party, an old Irish woman changed her clothes and returned to work.

Several years ago, a few years later, Kofi was sent to New York to become an independent comedian in Boston. He began living in the Brooklyn Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. In 2017, it came up with 13,000 square feet of vacant space around the corner of the apartment. The lot was originally a city park but had been neglected for years and was littered with garbage, wells, debris, and invading plants. No one took care of the property, and homeless people occupied a certain area, harassing women and residents of nearby high-rise buildings.

“If the garden you see every day for years is slowly getting darker and darker and the hospitality is becoming more and more dangerous, you can imagine the damage it will do to you and if you get into that situation, you can imagine how it feels. About yourself and your neighborhood,” Kofi said. You feel like he is not coming to help you, the city is not coming to help you, and if no one cares, he will touch you.

The always-smart and inquisitive boy from Longfield Street began to ask questions. He talked to the elders on the street and to the local gardeners. He and his two brothers appeared one day with corpses, shovels, and trash cans, and in the following weeks they removed tons of rubbish, from broken glass to abandoned kitchen stoves.

“We went in there until someone stopped us,” said Kofi. No one told them.

More volunteers appeared, and Kofi met with NYC Parks and Reck officials to raise funds for the construction of a high bed and ten tons of soil. A.D. In 2018, registration papers were posted for neighborhood gardeners and names were immediately added. The GoFundMe page opened, and so the Good Life Garden was born.

Additional repairs have been made. Programs have been launched for children and neighbors who want to learn about gardening. The park hosts art festivals, pickup shows and poets, musicians and artists. Fresh vegetables are available free of charge to neighbors, women’s shelters, and church groups. So far they have donated 10,000 pounds of food.

Somehow, the organizers of the magical paradise of good life arrived at the Ellen DeGeneres show and Kofi was taken to Hollywood to appear with her and tell about the Bushwick event. During the interview, DeGeneres told Kofi that she had something amazing and that someone had a $ 20,000 check made for Kofi Thomas from the stage! In addition, he received another $ 5,000 gift card. The money that Kofi is using to pay for this period of time will be used to open four more gardens in nearby neighborhoods and to raise chickens and fertilizers, if supported.

The smiling boy, the comedian, the enthusiastic gardener is a magician from Dorchester, Bushwick, and thanks to his family and The Dot.

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