Dr. EAS Parmar buys e-carts from the University of Veterinary and Forestry Development

Three electronic carts purchased under the auspices of the Ikar National Higher Education Project Institutional Development Plan were introduced by VC Dr. Parvender Kawshal at Dr. YS Parmar University in Nutrition. Battery-powered carts cost four to 14 seats for 29 million rubles. The carts can run 50-70 km per charge. These are used to transport students and staff to the campus, thus significantly reducing air pollution.

Workshop on wound management

Nearly 100 resident doctors and nurses participated in a two-day workshop on wound management at the Department of Surgery, MM Medical College and Hospital in Kumarti. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the French URGO Education and Training Alliance. Dr. Kiranjet Kauer said further improvements in the skills of doctors and nurses will go a long way in improving patient care. Many patients come to the hospital with long-term wounds and doctors need in-depth knowledge and accurate surgical skills to deal with such injuries. Dr. Ravinder Singh, a renowned surgeon in the region, was the guest of honor.

Webinar on Mathematics

A website has been set up for teachers and students from XX to XX at Himalal Ganita Parishad. About 1,000 students and teachers from various schools in the region attended the website. Delhi University Professor and former Registrar Professor TK Das was the chief guest, and Professor PK Sharma, Head of Accounting, NT, Hamir, was a wealthy man on the site. The students learned how to solve common math problems using creative methods and techniques. Professor Das praised Parishads’ efforts to improve the quality of mathematics by organizing such activities. Professor PL Sharma, President of Himalayan Ganita Parihad, said they are committed to improving mathematics at all levels.

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