Dr. Nijar for construction works, gardening, farming etc.

The Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, is doing all it can to prevent groundwater depletion. Under this series, the Punjab government has decided to ban groundwater for construction works, horticulture and urban development.

In a press statement, Local Government Minister Dr. Inderbir Singh Nijar said that only waste treated water should be reused for horticulture, agriculture and other urban development activities such as industrial fields, construction activities, fire services and road cleaning activities.

Dr. Nijjar said that buildings with a capacity of at least 10,000 liters and above can be reused and recycled water can be used for horticulture and all other activities.

The Cabinet Minister said that all Municipal Corporations and Municipal Corporations will provide treated waste water to construction agencies through tankers/tankers by ULBs with fixed and pre-determined payment immediately at STP sites. He added that it is the need of the hour to encourage urban areas to use waste water in various development activities.

He said that the Municipal Corporation and the Municipality are laying pipelines at other major construction sites to test the feasibility of providing additional stations. Funds for such proposals can be sourced from ULB’s own budget/state schemes, he added.

The Minister added that the Municipal Corporation/Municipality should strive to utilize at least 20 percent of TWW for reuse/recycling as this is a prerequisite for ULB’s to achieve water and 5 star/7 star waste free cities. Bharat mission-city.

The Cabinet Minister shall send to the Government a quarterly report to all Commissionerates, Municipal Corporations and ADCs indicating the amount of treated wastewater used at the end of each quarter.

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