Dr. Samun will review development projects in Hajin, Sumbal

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Baba Jungy Lift Inaugurates Irrigation System

Dr. Asgar Hassan Samun, Secretary-General, Skills Development, and Secretary-General of Bandipora, part of the weekly blockchain public outreach program, visited the Sambal sub-district of the district on Wednesday and inaugurated the Baba Jungi Lift Irrigation Program in Wangipori. In addition to reviewing the ongoing development work there.

Dr. Samon spoke to members of the public to assess their issues and concerns.

Chairman of the District Development Council, Abdul Gani Bahat, Deputy Commissioner, Bandipora, Dr. Owais Ahmed, Directors of Horticulture, Agriculture, Skills Development, Urban Bodies, Crafts, Livestock and Sheep and Social Forests, Mission Director ICDS, Assistant Commissioner for Development, Abdul Rashid Dasm, Assistant Commissioner Panchayat, Altaf Mosvi, Co-Director of Planning Imtiz Ahmed, members of BDC and other PRI members were present with the Secretary General.

Speaking at the launch of the Wangipor Lift Irrigation Program, Dr. Samon said the government is implementing various centrally funded micro-irrigation schemes to increase water efficiency in the agricultural sector. Irrigation technologies. Emphasis is being placed on promoting water conservation and conservation technologies for farmers.

He said the government is committed to paying more attention to water conservation and management. In this regard, he mentioned Pradhan Manry Krishna Sinchaye Yojana (PMKSY), who has a vision to extend the irrigation of ‘Hat Hat Ko Pani’ and increase the efficiency of water use by ‘one drop more crop’. End-to-end solution from source creation, distribution, management, field implementation and extension activities.

Dr. Samon also emphasized the importance of providing clean and adequate drinking water to the Jal Givan Mission in private plumbing, especially in rural areas. The program will also implement sustainability measures as a source of binding materials, such as replenishment and reuse in gray water treatment, water conservation, and rainwater harvesting.

According to Dr. Samun, JJM is based on community water supply and incorporates extensive information, education and communication as a key part of its mission and aims to create Jan Andolan (People’s Movement) water supply, making it a priority for everyone.

Later, ITI visited Hajin, reviewed the institution, and discussed with the students and staff. He urged the students to engage in the modern market and learn career-oriented skills.

Discussions with the students and the staff of the college on various issues related to the basic resources available in the college: Scholarships, staff strength, capacity building, etc.

He also said that additional courses will be offered for various skills trades and that the placement drives will be used to train youths who are trained in various fields. He said the government is working with various national and multi-national companies to recruit trained youths. He also said that orientation programs will be held for tourism students in the future.

Later, the Secretary General visited the Shadipora Stadium and watched the Cabaret match and distributed prizes to the winners and runners-up.

Dr. Samun reviewed the performance of the Hajj in the presence of city officials and municipal committees in the presence of elected representatives.

It looks at the various development activities taking place in the cities, such as drainage, waste disposal, demolition and housing development.

Dr. Samun has already met with members of the civil society who have raised various issues that need to be addressed.

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