Drought-resistant yard, how to build a garden – lasagna garden

Q: Due to the drought, I dry my grass and want to replace it with some native plants or low-water plants — those that are attractive but do not use much water.

Was it wise to turn my lawn into garden beds without digging up dead grass? If possible, I want to start with weed-free beds, and avoid using herbicides.

A: Thank you for more drought tolerance – and for wanting to get rid of your grass with something more insect and bird friendly.

Las Vegas gardening is in the Brunk House, west of Salem.  The technique is a type of fertilizer in place, which eliminates the need to fertilize or add fertilizer to a real organic farm.

I suggest you try a “lassana garden” to turn your lawn into beautiful garden beds to plant your new landscape. The Las Vegas garden, also known as leaf litter, weeds when you provide a high bed for your plants. In this way, they build up the soil, just like lassitude. Then sit down and let nature complete the soil enrichment process.

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