DU to offer various UG courses in agricultural science, horticulture and forestry – Indian Times

Considering its expansion plans, the University of Delhi plans to set up two new entities: the Roshan Pura College of Education and the Shahabad dairy research center near Najafgar.

We will have a practical college in Rosa Urara in 2-3 years, followed by science on the need to establish art and business laboratories at the UG level, says Deputy Chancellor Actor PC Josie. DU, in an interview with the Education Times. The college is expected to benefit students in Delhi and Hariri and rural areas and save travel time.

Meanwhile, a plant-based research center will be set up to encourage education in Shahababad dairy, agriculture, horticulture and forestry. “Although research on plant genetics in the Department of Genetics, Plant Molecular Biology, and Space is already underway at DU, there are currently no courses in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. With the potential for growth in these areas – both academically and industry – the Center for Research Studies is developing new courses at the UG level in these areas, ”said Josie.


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The center offers PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate students. “So far in the DU, the Department of Genetics, Plant and Molecular Biology Department provides limited student admission to research and master programs. However, due to the growing population, the new research center will provide UG level training to students to meet high crop demand.

He said the development of drought, flood and insect-resistant plants is very important and will be handled by the center.

The 10-hectare plot of land in Roshan Pura was allocated to the DU in 1989, and in 2019 the Ministry of Education announced that the DU would be built in 2023, the new college as a result of that plan. The university is currently planning to set up a “facility center” to provide introductory and test related services to students in Rosa Ura Ra and Sahabad Milk. “It saves travel time and prevents students from coming to the main campus to fill out and submit forms and certificates,” he added.

The university is in talks with the Delhi government to provide funding for the planned rural college. “College helps girls pursue higher education in rural areas, and many are reluctant to travel long distances,” says Josie.


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