Dubai makes friends and joins the North East Tennessee Master Gardeners Association

Like many transplants, Heather Dubie When she moved from Knoxville to Tri-Cities in 2014, she wanted to get involved in her new community and make some friends.

“When we first got up, the only people I knew were those I worked with,” says Dubie. So I wanted to find out which group I belonged to.

As director of the Sullivan County Library, she worked as a director at the University of Tennessee Extension, where she first learned about the North East Tennessee Master’s Association.

The Northeast Tennessee Master Gardeners Association is an organization that works to educate local volunteers in gardening practices. Those volunteers take that lesson to their communities by answering questions, providing gardening demonstrations, and working on various community gardening projects.

Dubby Master, who wanted to plant her former home in Noxville but had no place to plant it, saw it as an opportunity to engage gardeners. In 2019, she took over the 40-hour gardening program of the Master Gardener program.

“We’ve learned a lot about how to grow our climate and the climate here in northeastern Tennessee, in our zone and here,” he said.

After graduating from high school, Dubbi volunteered for the program’s social media accounts and volunteered for various projects in the region, working in bed gardens at the Exchange Place Living History Farm Museum. Dubby is also a volunteer at the branch garden. The branch is a service center for victims of domestic violence, harassment and trafficking.

“Our goal in this service project is simply to make the world a better place,” says Dubai.

Dubai There is a service project for everyone through the main gardens, regardless of the needs of the gardeners.

“There are different service projects for everyone,” Dubie said. You will find something you love and want to be forever.

There are master gardening training programs in our area. Those interested in learning more about the program or class can contact the UT Extension-Sullivan County Office at (423) 574-1919.


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