During the 2021 New York State Exhibition, Governor Hochuul officially decided and announced the commemoration of highway workers.

The monument honors workers who lost their lives while maintaining a safe highway in New York.

Governor Kathy Hohlul unveiled a new monument to New York State Highway workers at the 2021 New York State Fair today. The monument, located near the Midway entrance between the Garden and Fruit Building in the Garden Gardens and to the west, honors all transportation workers killed thousands of miles on New York’s highways or at work, including state Department of Transportation and travel officials, municipal staff. Highway staff, contractors, consultants and towing service staff.

This honors the hardworking New York residents who have laid down their personal safety online to build our bridges, repair our roads, and protect our infrastructure so that the rest of us can reach our destination safely. The governor said Hochul. This will be a lasting tribute to all who lost their lives in the line of duty, and to remind them that these dedicated workers are keeping our roads and bridges safe every day. We owe each of us a debt of gratitude.

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2003 and 2017, 1,844 workers lost their lives in road construction across the United States, an average of 123 a year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs lost 56 staff members during its operation.

The new monument includes a bronze sculpture with shovels, strong hats, and boots on a platform surrounded by four bronze traffic cones. It shows sidewalks and seats designed to reflect respect. Shrubs and trees are planted around the center and outside the memorial.

U.S. Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Theresa Domingz said This monument is a permanent tribute to the many highway and transport workers who made the ultimate sacrifice for public service. We are forever grateful to the women and men who are building, working and maintaining our streets and this new memorial will serve as a lasting reminder of the work you do for all New York residents and the dangers we face. We thank Governor Hochuul and the Greater New York State Fair for making this monument a reality. Driving in a highway work zone, keep your phone, keep your eyes on the road, slow down and most importantly – life depends on it.

Matthew J. Driscol, executive director of the Troway Authority, said“We must not forget the men and women who lost their lives while working to make our roads safer. I would like to thank Governor Hochuul, Dot and the New York State Fair for their support and for making this a touching tribute. Highway workers risk their lives every day to maintain and improve our roads, and this memorial is a true reminder of their commitment and sacrifice. Help keep our highways safe by being alert and slowing down when you see emergency lights.

This commemoration honors diligent New York residents who have laid down their personal safety online to build our bridges, repair our roads, and protect our infrastructure so that others can reach our destination safely.

Governor Hochul

State Police Superintendent Kevin P. Brown said. Highway crews face dangerous situations every day as they work to protect our New York roads and bridges. State police are aware of the sacrifices made by highway workers who have lost their lives. The new monument will be used behind the wheel to pay tribute to their service and to the well-being of all.

New York State Exhibition Director Troy Waffner said. “This memorial is a beautiful tribute to the lives of men and women who died while guarding our roads and bridges. We are honored to be her home. Hundreds of thousands of New York residents see and remember this monument every year. They need to do their part to protect our highway workers. ”

DOT works all year to improve the safety of its workforce. Portable Rebel Zones, which prevent premature and neglected driving zones, are now being used in each region for better maintenance and contractor project work zones indicators and transport workers. Work zone cameras are being implemented in DOT maintenance zones and contractor project work zones in New York to better protect transportation workers.

This year, the Thruway Authority is deploying more than a dozen new trucks in four of the four maintenance rooms, including improved technology focused on improving the safety of the work zone. The vehicles include large radar displays indicating work zone speed limiters by comparing them to nearby speed, directional arrows, traffic indicators and wide swinging buckets.

New York State Police and local law enforcement agencies are registering tickets to take action against drivers who do not explicitly comply with traffic and traffic laws in highway work zones. During last year’s Operation Harhat, 1,770 tickets were issued by government police, an increase of about 70 percent in 2019. Already this year, the military and local law enforcement agencies have initiated more than 1,600 tickets.