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While a California state legislature may have tried to swing 5 steel into an accessible golf course, the strike has not yet reached its ninth.

Introduced in early 2021 by a Guba member in California Christina Garcia (De-Bell Gardens), California Council Bill Bill (AB) 672 State Municipal Golf Courses Target Potential Low-Income Houses in High-Rise Areas. The bill was particularly dangerous –

To protect municipal courses from the public park law, the game’s public golf defender has been in business for half a century;

Provide freedom to California environmental law;

Make it easy to reorganize public spaces with one open zoning.


AB 672, who was considered by both the State Council’s Housing and Community Development and Local Government Committees, died before both votes were cast. Although the AB 672 did not make much progress in the 2021 cycle, the Southern California Golf Association called the AB 672 “the most harmful law in its generation.”

And this generation is far from over. Two-year bill, AB 672 will automatically return in early 2022. And with his return, a blow to California Golf Life will once again be a hit for both players and the state’s public game staff.

According to the 2013 Golf 20/20 report, the game generates more than $ 13 billion annually and supports nearly 130,000 jobs in California. Many golfers believe that the development of the game may have only improved such figures over the course of the epidemic.


California, the nation’s most populous state (and what will be the fifth largest economy in the world), is the second largest golf course in the country behind Florida.

As the game numbers relate to accessible golf, SGG claims that 22 percent of all California courses are municipal, although it is estimated that 45 percent of all golf courses are played on those courses daily. In addition, if not more, 90 percent of the state’s intermediate and development programs will be implemented within that 22 percent.

Municipal golf is a major ecological development and sustainability game that has been around for 100 years, today and to this day. ” Craig Kesler, Director of Government Affairs for SCGA. And without the pastor, at some point in the future, the tip will disappear.


The attack on municipal golf — although it is in this round — is basically a lot of fighting for the land.

“While this bill is an indestructible example of the rule of law – why it did not even reach the committee – it is at the heart of municipal golf,” Kezler said. This land is surrounded by large areas of land where there is a lot of competition. In this case, it was housing. And the reality is that if they closed every course in the region and turned it into a home, they would not be in trouble. ”

In collaboration with SCGA Response and Message, AB 672 has received strong opposition from the California Golf Society as a whole, from the Northern California Golf Association to the Normal and Soccer PGA Units to the first T chapters to Audubon International.

“Why were we in the guns? Why are we separated? It doesn’t make sense. ” Jim Ferrin, Former president of the California Golf Course Supervisors Association and current president of the California Golf Alliance, uniting the non-profit industry with one voice. “When you try to take something from the local community and put it under the shadow of the region, yours is no longer under your control. It is owned by the government to do what they want. ”

According to the American Golf Course Supervisors Association, 480 California course workers – supervisors – have spoken out against 92 different legislators across the state in opposition to AB 672.

He said we have received a lot of response from our regulatory network to oppose the bill Jeff Jensen, Representative of the Southwest Regional GCSAA, issued an action warning to stimulate the response. And he was not only a municipal course but also people from private clubs and daily payments. Everyone has a role to play in this territory. Yes, this was limited to municipal golf, but a lot on the line this is coming back and it’s a sudden result.

Kesler added: “We think we have a very strong response. And there is no substitute for talking to people in the state council or the Senate. Golf players and the golf industry are involved.

Attack on the spirit of the game

AB 672 is not only a direct threat to the golf key management system, but also a lack of legal understanding of the game’s common, recreational and environmental benefits.

“Public courses are crucial to the future of our game,” says Jensen. They offer affordable golf for all players, including discounts for seniors. And many municipalities host youth programs and serve as a feed market for other club facilities such as resort games and online club members.

The trust system is shared by the game’s guardians.

“Moonny Golf, Public Golf, really does get people into the game,” says Ferrin. Affordable and accessible golf, brings teenagers to the game, facilitates high school golf and college golf to some extent. Without Moonny Golf, the game is not available to the masses. Public golf brings more value to the community.

From hire to neighborhood, those outside the game seem to need a lesson on what a community can bring.

Silver Rock in La Quanta is one of 184 municipal golf facilities in California.

© Guy Cipriano

“Municipal courses provide green space in urban areas and are a great habitat for wildlife,” says Jensen. “The courses filter the floodwaters, ensure carbon sequestration, provide oxygen, reduce noise, and provide cooling facilities for tropical areas. From Golf View as well as History View ከ Once the green space is gone, it is gone forever.

Attacks on the game are coming in the wrong direction.

“It is important to understand that golf represents the best stewards of the land,” says Franጅois. We are not polluting, we are not saturated, we are not throwing pesticides left and right, and we are among the most responsible water users in the world. We have to get that word out better, because when that image is changed, we don’t attack it as we are now. ”

People employed in municipal courses in the state are aware of the risks involved.

In crowded areas, where real-world housing problems are a problem, we may not be as intimidated as Moon courses, but we certainly focused, putting our finger on the pulse, ”said Josh Heptig, director of golf course operations for San Louis Obipo Parks and Recreation County. It involves three courses of supervision. Such a bill is passed, and you never know what the unintended consequences will be, or what it will do to open the door and try to turn the golf course into something else.

Heptig says that from this cycle of messaging, he has paved the way for future wars. He added: “I think various organizations have done a good job of getting ahead by sending notifications.” A large group of people are now well aware of this, so it may not take much effort to reach or educate the animal in the future.

The municipal facility in La Jolla hosted the 2021 US Open at the Torre Pins Golf Course.

© Male Cypriano

Back to the ninth battle

AB 672 or when accounts are restored, the golf industry is better prepared for strategic combat, and stronger than a creative message.

“It will soon be gone. Well-organized, well-designed attacks will continue to emerge, ”says Kesler. There is a general political morality in the state that does not believe that golf is a good land use. Golf should not take the theme of victory. Based on the same assumptions about land use and water use, it should be seen as a warning to many intelligent, well-respected, well-focused and well-intentioned people in the future.

Getting rid of arrows prematurely is a common thought.

He said he was happy with the response, but said that if AB672 had received the right political support, it would have been possible. “(Garcia) has not been able to increase the support of the unions she is seeking. If they had that, the bill would have passed and we would not have had the resources to fight it.

Most municipal facilities in the state California
184 Illinois
183 Texas
179 new York
117 Florida
99 Minnesota
90 Ohio
89 Colorado
85 Michigan
74 Kansas
69 Source – National Golf Foundation 2021 Golf Facilities in US Report

Municipal Golf Real Optics Improved Message can be an effective strategy.

“I’m really worried about where this is going, and this game is going to be very risky for us,” said Jensen. “This is a threat to our industry, and in the current political climate in California, golf is often seen by many as rich, white and famous. But when you go to any golf course in the state, you will see that it is not even close to the case. At Los Angeles’ Rancho Park, Palm Springs, Tahitian Creek, or one of the mansions in San Francisco, players melt. And we have to get that message out there. ”

Working forward may involve looking back. Taking a page from the golf course, Heptig believes that it may be necessary to open a course like St. Andrew’s Old Course, one course as a community park one Sunday a month (the old course is closed for golf every Sunday). For Golf Partners.

Heptig, who works as a government official, says: “The golf industry as a whole has to deal with the biggest non-golf players, and how they view golf courses, how they are informed about the golf course.” Advocate for GCSAA. Often the message of golf is not being told to us non-golfers, but to groups that do not support what we do or do.

Sending and receiving such a message, borrowed from the past or delivered in the future, the battle has now begun. And public defenders, obviously, believe that golf should be better prepared for the future.

“The golf community needs to know that this mindset is there, and it will re-emerge in different ways in the future,” Kesler said. “This was a golf bow, and in this golf course, California’s politics must stop being a constant enemy of golf, especially in the big cities of the state. And golf is not particularly well equipped.

Judd Spicer is a California-based writer and contributor to the recurring golf course industry.

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