DV Com Jammu emphasizes officers to be proactive and responsive to public complaints

Katuwa, September 08 – Class Commissioner Jammu, Dr. Ragav Langer led the Block Marwas Hariyachk Panchayat procession at the Block Marx today.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Katuwa, Rahul Yadav, SE Hydraulic, Director Ardi, Director of Agriculture, Joint Director, Horticulture and other district and sector officials.

The public distribution camp was attended by DDC member Marhin Haran Atri. D.C. Member, Hiranagar Abinannan Sharma, PRI members include Corpun, Harry, Ladwal, Chak Desa Chawhari, Chak National, Chandwan and other Panchayats.

Based on MGNREGA and B2V1’s work, the local people asked Tehsil and Block Har Marhen for new buildings, clearing out pending debts, replacing old electrical wiring, opening mine blocks, and other related issues. Specific Issues and Interests in Mavin, Sinji More Market, SCCC, Sinji Moore Market, Border Areas Dam, Bachahar Basti Installation, Chak Gususen, Ph.D. Renovation of old ponds in Kandy areas, opening of new shopping mills in Mukander, sanctioning new hand pumps, etc.

Hranagar, a DDC member, has called for the upgrading of offline home certification applications and PDD transformers in Jandy, Arjun Chak, Chapper and Katal Gujran.

DDC member Marhin called for an end to pending pension issues, land for a playground and 20 deep hand pumps in Harichak to meet residents’ water needs.

Responding to public inquiries, DV.com stated that the purpose of the blockchain-initiated preaching initiative is to listen to the public’s concerns and facilitate pre-emption based on feedback from such camps.

Dr. Ragav Langer urged the officers present to be proactive and responsive to public grievances and to address issues of public concern. He assured the people that all their real questions would be corrected first.

The Div Com Commission has assigned to the relevant departments to investigate all matters raised in public. Dr. Ragav Langer called on PRI representatives and relevant department heads to work together to achieve the desired development goals.

During the event, Deputy Commissioner Katuwa Rahul Yadav and senior officials of RDD, Agriculture and Garden Development, along with district officials, gave a brief overview of the projects. .

The issues raised were also addressed to the relevant PRI member by the heads of the relevant departments. Later, in addition to the selected PRI representatives, the Division Commissioner met with BSS, Agriculture, Agriculture and Rural Development Department officials to discuss ways to develop land near the International Border Zero Line.

Div. He said continuous agricultural activities need to be started on lands identified in non-zero villages in order for farmers to earn regular income.

He instructed the deputy commissioner to form teams consisting of representatives of the RDD, agriculture, horticulture, police and BSS to take over the work in experimental mode.

He said all technical support should be provided to the farmers in the border areas so that they can encourage farmers to cultivate their land without fear.

He also instructed DC Katua to maintain zero tolerance for any violation of any border area, and to conduct anti-invasion operations from time to time.


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