Earthquake Charlie Dimmok, Ala Tichmarsh and Tommy Walsh now

It’s been more than 16 years since Earth Power stopped broadcasting on the BBC – but we still remember the joy of seeing Alan, Charlie and Tommy on our screens.

During the eight-year-long spectacle, the three men visit gardens that are in dire need of refinement.

A.D. Launched in 1997, the group travels to the garden each week by a friend or family member.

For more than two days without him, the group, with the help of friends and family, returned to the garden to impress the man.

But after the show ended in 2005, what happened to the first presenters Alan Tichmarsh, Charlie Dimmok and Tommy Walsh?

What is Charlie Demok doing now?

Charlie Dimok

Gardener Charlie Dimmok They may have finished grounding in 2005, but in the gardening world, television continues.

After eight years on the show, she continued to present programs like her The joy of gardening And later Charlie’s Garden Army.

She also starred in Channel 4’s reality TV show Games.

Fans of fruits and vegetables can now find 55-year-old Charlie on the BBC series alongside the Rich Brothers.

Experts descend on lands that need improvement, and homeowners compete with each other to build their dream gardens.

Where is Allan Titmarch now?

Alan Tichmarsh
Alan Tichmarsh

Behind the scenes was Alan Titishmarsh, a multi-faceted gardener with a three-pronged approach to ground energy.

MBE Award Winner After quitting the Earth Power in 2002, he continued to engage in gardening.

He presented the gardeners’ world and two series on how to be a gardener, as well as a series of fruit and vegetable praise songs and a series of four BBC programs.

In recent years, Alan has spent much of his time away from television screens and radio microphones, instead focusing on his novels.

Now 72, Alan’s latest TV show is Alan Tchmarch – Spring to Summer on ITV in Spring 2021.

What is Tommy Walsh doing now?

Tommy Walsh became one of the most famous builders in the business
Tommy Walsh became one of the most famous builders in the business

Builder Tommy Walsh became famous for his work on the ground – but now his focus is on homes.

Tommy, now 64, has started working Introducing the new series of houses under the hammer, With designer Jackie Joseph, visiting Britain to find properties for sale.

Along with Earth Power, Tommy made a special series in the early 2000s called his rival Tommy Walsh.

A.D. In 2009, Tomis played the role of helping (and often saving) his friends in “Repairing Your Home for Free.”

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