Easily transform your garden into a healthy landscape using these tried and tested wireless headlamps

Simple and comfortable, cordless fence cutters will change the way you take care of your garden. Our professional favorites are here

6 Best Wireless Edge Cutters 2021 – Prepare Your Garden For Spring With These Long Access Fence Cutters

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Anyone who has ever used a rope fence knows how easy it is to cut through a series of wires, so the emergence of decent, wireless cutters was a game changer for gardeners who want a quick, mobile fence.

Fuel-powered machines – albeit undeniably powerful and strong to pass through – can be difficult thanks to their heavy engine parts and fuel tanks, so carbon emissions are not good for your green credentials.

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There is a lot of noise you (and your neighbors) can argue about, especially if you use one in the living area. Wireless machines are relatively quiet and good for the environment.

What should you look for in a wireless fence cutter?

High-end, high-end machines that are more focused on professional use are equipped with high-capacity batteries for long-term performance and power. They will be more efficient at cutting stronger bushes. Smaller, less powerful models designed for small use typically require less operating time and are less effective when paired with wooden branches and trunks.

Remember to charge

Make sure your battery is fully charged, as there is nothing more annoying than a flat centerpiece before embarking on a battlefield with your new wireless cutter. It is a good idea to charge the batteries as soon as you have finished manually. The next time you enter the garden with a trimmer, you will thank yourself.

You can buy a battery cutter without a battery – but you need a battery and charger to make it work naturally. In all cases, it is best to follow the battery designed for that model – proprietary design means it will be suitable for the model you choose. Unless prices are specified, the entire package – cutter, battery, charger – is here.

Starting with heavy duty professional models, we have been testing some of the best cutting edge designs in the market for lighting and entertainment. Our garden fence begging for mercy and mercy – here are five of the best.

Stihl HSA 86 18 ”Wireless Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 86 18 ”Wireless Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HSA 86 + 1 x AP200 Battery + AL300 Fast Charger £ 395, Empty Room £ 219

For stunting and professional use of large gardens, Zitil is a powerful AP. With an awesome 45-inch razor blade and a high scratch size, this cutter dances in our sick leaves, giving us the cleanest pieces on the test.

Soft trunks are surgically trimmed, but when thickened, hardwoods are cut without crushing or tearing. The weight balance in use is in place – a familiar safety switch setting and low vibration make this device fun to use.

Using the AL 300 instant charger, you can charge up to 3 hours of charge, up to 3 hours of AP 300 battery action.

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Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45

Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45 + 1 * 18 V Li-Ion Battery + Charger £ 109.95, empty unit £ 49.95

We feared that this entry-level cutter from Bosch would be too easy for the dirty prefigured fence we ordered, but it proved to be a simple, efficient and sharp kit.

True, battery performance is less powerful for larger tasks (although we get 30 minutes of cutting time from 1 hour charge) and the smaller blade struggled with some hardwoods, but small gardens around soft shrubs, can’t go wrong.

What we reviewed was a very quiet cut – perfect for morning fringe stimulation sessions when you don’t want to wake your neighbors.

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Gtech Wireless Edge HT 3.0

Gtech Wireless Edge HT 3.0

Gtech Cordless Hedge Trimmer HT 3.0 + 1 * 18 V Li-Ion Battery + Charger, £ 199.99

This long-handled cutter is designed to withstand the rigors of a 10-foot-tall bush, and plays the 35cm razor blade that you can use to lift and lock the top.

The device is equipped with a special grenade-shaped Li-battery that slides to the base of the pole and provides a 60-minute cutting time of 4 hours.

Despite the high workload, we found it a pleasure to use it in conjunction with close-knit work – the knife is straightened, and you have a very sharp cutting tool that can be used to shape and shape yourself.

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Carcher HGE 18-45

Carcher HGE 18-45

Karcher HGE 18-45 + 18 v Battery + Charger, £ 149.99

Carcher is a German company best known for its cutting-edge power washers: this edge cutter comes from their garden equipment range and offers cable-free fence repairs at an affordable price.

Equipped with a 45 cm diamond ground razor, this cutter cuts into pieces and feels light and comfortable to use. Also, the bright, carcher yellow color makes it easier to distinguish under the pile of fallen leaves we have created.

The 18V battery provides a running time of 35 minutes (depending on how emotional you are and how strong the fence is) but it should be noted that the charging time is 5 hours long, so be sure to charge it before you start. Your trimming activities.

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Hookvar and 520ihD60

Husqvarna 520ihD60 + BLI 200 battery + QC330 charger £ 614

This unique shrub-rider from Huscavana is a real horse that is designed to withstand the heaviest fences and stretches of bushes, and is the cut we get when we find wood and wood.

The unit is powered by a weather-resistant 36V battery and slides sideways.

A fully charged battery will power you up in most jobs, but if you start to run low (with an LED display on the side), engaging the ‘Eco Mode’ key will slow down the cutter and give you more trim time.

Finger lift (in a chainsaw-type assembly) allows the trimmer body to slide 90 degrees to provide fatigue-free cutting without the need to rotate your trigger.

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