East Bay Brewery will open an outdoor garden

Almada – Those who want to quench their thirst when the summer breeze cools down – and when the Gulf area can still be warm – may want to raise a glass at Almanac Brewery, which is licensed to open a brewery.

The brewery will have a garden, as well as some music – food trucks on the speakers.

The park is located at the corner of Pan Amway at 651 W. Tower Ave. It is located on the other side of the road from the local brewery.

“It’s as empty as anyone can remember,” said Almanak co-founder and CEO. We had been seeing that land for some time, so we decided to go to the city.

The opening date is mid-September, Fagan said.

The 8,400-square-foot garden will be open seven days a week from 8:00 pm to 8:00 pm. According to the city, it attracts between 200 and 500 customers a day.

Scolari Restaurant Susi Vilaneva delivers food to customers at Almanac Brewery in Alameda, California, Thursday, September 2, 2021. The brewery has continued to expand its outdoor capacity since its opening, and plans to create an outdoor brewery across the street. The main institution. (Don Feria to Bay Area News Team)

Almanak Brewery has been building a 30,000-square-foot brewery and bathroom in the former military base since February 2018.

Single malt whiskey, gin, gin, vodka, brandy and beverages are in the area known as “Ghosts Alley” in the vicinity of other liquor businesses, including Facting Beer, Building 43 Winnie and St. George Spirits.

“It’s just the right place, and the people here are very supportive,” Fagan said.

Fagan and Jesse Friedman founded Almanac in 2011 as home offices. The name refers to Farmer Almanac, a reference guide for farmers published annually.

Their first beer, “Summer 2010,” in a bottle-packed Belgian-made golden alno with Sonoma Zinfandel barrels with Sonoma BlackBerry – once went from the trunks of their cars to local bars and restaurants. A.D. They became full-time beer in 2013.

The business employs about 40 people, working in a dozen pipelines. The beers offered include country, stocks and IPAs.

On September 10, the brewery will release IPN’s “Abundant Bay”, the proceeds of which will benefit Alameda Garden Producers, Alameda Food Bank and Alameda Point, which is based on the former Navy base and provides human services. Once homeless.

Fans will enjoy the end of the day on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at Alamanda Brewery in Alameda, Kali. Since its opening, the brewery has continued to expand its capacity outdoors, and plans to create an outdoor brewery from the main facility across the street. . (Don Feria to Bay Area News Team)

“This is an amazing business,” said Doug Biggs, Almanac’s co-founder. “It’s a great place and it makes a real sense of community.”

In the garden, beer is served outside the old truck or airtight trailer. There will be tables, washbasins and tents. The perimeter is surrounded by a chain and a barrel fence in two ways to enter and exit. A single food truck provides food.

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