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The SSC Garden Club held a regular meeting on August 3 at the home of Kathleen Wright, co-president of Greeneville. Attendees included Joint Presidents Jeanny Jackson, Barbara Freeland, Julia Wadel, Elizabeth Wilson, Rosemary Smith, Peggy Miles, and Katie Sexton. Guests include Betty Fletcher and Caroline Bros. from the Guernieville Museum.

Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance, Exciting Reading and Prayer, Called to Order the Meeting, and our visitors are introduced to membership. They told us the history of the Greeneville Museum and the Cabinet and told us why they wanted us to consider this a new project. In the late 1700’s, they were asking us to rebuild the landscape to reflect colonial times. They need protected and decorative and educational gardens.

They also gave a brief history of development at the local, regional, and national levels. Additional details must be collected by Kathleen Wright and Barbara Freeland, both trained and trained in horticulture and landscaping in accordance with the National Garden Club guidelines. He suggested that club members gather more information and submit a memorandum to visit the institution. They are especially looking for contemporary plant placements that mark the historic period of the cabinet and the museum. This proposal for a new project on EastSide is filled with interest and joy.

After a hearty lunch with Julia Wadele, Elizabeth Wilson, and Jeanny Jackson, the meeting resumed. New members have been appointed to replace existing members. Chief Justice Kathleen Wright gave the new vice president to Julia Wadele, the second vice president to Elizabeth Wilson and the secretary to Rosemary Smith. Ruth Whitfield holds the position of co-secretary and Barbara Freeland as treasurer.

A number of commercials have been discussed, including the possibility of a flower show in 2022, and a flower-based party in Noxville, including an Alice story based on the “Wonderful” theme. The condition of the Dock House Garden Garden and the Richf House Garden is mentioned.

A two-day symposium on “Color Design” featuring upcoming events at the district and state levels, such as Kathleen and Julia. It will be reunited on the calendar for all state clubs in Montgomery Bell State Park in October. State examinations for the flower show venue will be attended by student Yanni Jackson, current coaching judge, at the Rachef House in Knoxville.

Books for new members were highlighted for next year’s programs. Estedide Gardening Club has been certified as a “Club of Excellence” by 2020 as a District, State, Southern and National Garden Club. Jenny Jackson has been awarded the Presidential Prize by the Tennessee Garden Club of the Tennessee Preschool.

Club members have made a number of suggestions for future projects in community beauty and gardening education. Suggestions and suggestions will be submitted for approval. Elizabeth Wilson surprised the group by giving them beautiful magazines and rosemary plants she had bought for each member of the Greens. The subject of the study was vegetable and fruit, and Kathleen Wright was featured in the line design at the buffet.

The meeting will be closed and the next meeting will be a tour of the Oding Oaks work and gardens, hosted by Sherry Odinger. For information about club membership or program offerings, please contact Jeanie Jackson at 423-620-0473.


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