East Victoria graduates give advice to their elementary students

Ahead of the 2022 Victoria East High School Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, Victoria Advocate asked some questions – What would your first student say?

Here are some of the answers.

Name Ellison High Age ፡ 17 College Plans Ate M University of Texas A&M Work Writing Lawyer “Make friends, don’t try to be different to make people love you more. Love being yourself and people will love you for that. I think I should have learned later and learned that I should not make such a copy of myself so that other people would like me.

Grant Bills

Name: Grant Bills

Age 18

College Plans Deployment: Texas A&M University Biochemistry Master

Professional Plans Pharmaceutical Researcher

“Don’t be afraid to overcome challenges because in the end it’s not that big of a deal and be yourself and don’t try to be someone else. I had a brother who was four years older than me and I started.

Andrew Rivera

Name: Andrew Rivera

Age 18

College Plans College Colin College (Mackini) and Playing Texas Hold ’em Baseball

Career Plans Pages- Biomedical Vendor

“I tell my first student to have fun. Don’t worry about what you think is fun and stressful in high school. Enjoy making friends and making friends. I’m happy to have so many friends and I will continue after school.

You have white

Name: You have white

Age 18

College Plans: Texas State University

Career Plans: Industrial Engineering

“Perhaps I will come to learn that my results will not be revealed to me and that I will soon have real success and enjoy my family, classmates and teachers and that my sincere desire for new learning opportunities will come. For me.”

Giovanni Trevino

Name: Giovanni Trevino

Age die 17

College Plans Studying Victoria College Electrical Engineering

Work Plans Free Engineer, start your own business on the road.

“Stick with it. Don’t look at yourself and what you can do. Don’t think a little about what you can achieve. Be loyal to your friends, be kind and do good.”

Trinity Brown

Name: Trinity Brown

Age 18

College Plans Texas State University studying fruit and vegetable development.

Career Plan Pages: Landscape design or nursery management

“Try to make more friends and don’t be too shy, because not everyone is as bad as I think.”

Kyle Cotton was born and raised in San Antonio and graduated from the University of San Antonio and the University of Arlington, Texas. Cotton includes economic development, health care, finance, government, technology, oil and gas, and higher education.

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