East Village Parade Celebrates Growing Community Vegetables | New York

The upper west side may have a Thanksgiving Day parade, but the East Village has an “Ecological City Recession for Climate Solutions.”

The man behind this 11-mile extravaganza includes Felicia Young, about 500 people, 50 community organizations, 21 parks (including 13 gardens) and a one-year plan.

From the 6th Street Community Center, between Avenue B and C, the jungle team – all sports featuring different ways of influencing the climate – to the Conc Shell Voice and the Ginga Pira Band. , A set of gear drums.

There is a gift exchange ceremony and show at each garden when you re-enter.

One of Parade Marshall’s Todd FernandezPhoto by Bob Krasner
Claudio Laniado drew his geo-thermal energy from the deep earthPhoto by Bob Krasner
Annie Hat (left), after performing, picks up a glass of trash to bake micro-organisms with Jess Bevergej (right).Photo by Bob Krasner
Members of the group painted a picture of themselves as they lined up to enter the El Sol Brilante garden.Photo by Bob Krasner
At the El Sol Briliante Garden, Joanna Stone’s “Dance for People” came out of the shell.Photo by Bob Krasner
Yishan Lee talks about the benefits of recycling.Photo by Bob Krasner

Each show is tailored to the theme of the site – the green oasis, for example, is a flower garden hosted by a butterfly and spider dance. The day ended with dance performances at stations near East River Park.

From March to May, the weekly workshops produced costumes and dolls, some of which were sourced from Kombucha Tea Leather Bio Arts Program, Sculpted Seaweed, Sculpture, Mycelium Fungus, and Fruit Color. , Vegetables and herbs.

“Artists and artists hope to work together to make a difference in the process,” said Young, co-founder and CEO of “Earth Celebrations”, which organizes the event.

“My whole motivation came from registering competitions in India,” she said.

Nati and Hila sang and sang about climate change at the Children’s Workshop SchoolPhoto by Bob Krasner
Elizabeth Ruff Maldonado (right) presents Carl Batman with a gift of water before performing at De Cores Garden.Photo by Bob Krasner
Martha Eddie “International Water Dancers” at the La Plaza Cultural FestivalPhoto by Bob Krasner
Dolls created in workshop rooms at the La Plaza Cultural VacationPhoto by Bob Krasner
Melissa Bell completes her first song: “Carbon-Methane Blues in the Plaza CulturePhoto by Bob Krasner
Nancy Boomer leads to the 9th St. Garden.Photo by Bob Krasner
Maria Pilido-Veloso danced on the street.Photo by Bob Krasner
Tina Myers (Left) in the Green Oasis Garden and Lynn needle in charge of choreographyPhoto by Bob Krasner
Rosa Velez, a workshop instructor, was one of the protesters. The NYPD controlled the traffic and controlled the safety of the participantsPhoto by Bob Krasner

In fact, for many years she organized the Spring Ceremony here, protected our community garden, and found herself an activist in her native India when she took a break from EV and there. Focuses on the polluted Vaija River in Madurai.

Says Yang: “As usual, the celebration, which was attended by millions of people, did not last for a week but focused on clearing the river. “Sometimes you can make a difference by putting something unimaginable in there. The project ends but the activation continues.”

More information about Earth Celebrations is available online at earthcelebrations.com and Instagram @earthcelebration.

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