Eat well, do well

WWhat if you could save the world by eating cinnamon rolls and slides? You all came in, didn’t you? Then we have good news for you: many restaurants and Cafes Around the world – near home and the oceans far away – ultrasound is invited directly to their menus. You can train and hire refugees, support specific health issues, focus on indigenous cultures, or promote guests to unrepresented communities – but all have a common denominator to make a difference. On your next trip, look for good food as below – or plan a special trip just to try one. They make your trip, your stomach and your heart happy.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This Cherry Cafe employs summer students in hospitality, English, personal development, banking and health and hygiene. Moreover, part of the profit is to clear mines.

Brisbane, Australia

Indigenous Art Gallery, Cafe and Wine Bar, Birunga supports young talent and runs charitable organizations to support indigenous prisoners and their families before and after release. Think of crocodile, kangaroo and im slide so you don’t miss out on the café’s modern Australian wildlife.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

The Black Bull, located in Lock London and Trochis National Park, is given directly to the community – because the community owns it. A.D. In 2019, the residents of Garthmore Village 350 bought the historic but declining dormitory and now entertain visitors with local seafood and locals.

Paris, Tennessee

When he was an adult with Down Syndrome, Jordan St. John learned that he loved to bake but had a limited amount of opportunities. So he and his parents created not only for themselves but also for themselves. Today, the local dessert and coffee shop employs about 30 special needs adults, and the pizzas and buns are just as popular as the staff.

Brickston, England

The colorful Clinic Charity runs food and vegetable training programs as well as public restaurants in prisons. The goal is to help graduates find meaningful jobs, reduce risk, improve public safety, and change attitudes.

Lexington, Kentucky

It would be appropriate to order homemade cinnamon rolls and fried PB and J everywhere, but it is more expensive with your DV8 order. Restaurants Rob and Diane Perez have experienced 13 new cases of drug overdose in the past decade of DV8 Kitchen, after experiencing direct opioid abuse nationwide. Their bakery and sandwich shop now works directly with medical centers to hire and support those who are recovering and provide them with life and employment opportunities.

Denver, Colorado

At Comal Lunch, you are supporting the refugee and refugee education and business education — as well as your own. The students here are natives of Mexico, Syria and Ethiopia and other countries, learning about entrepreneurship and food service skills.

Brooklyn, New York

According to Emma Torch, director of catering, the menu at this Brooklyn cafe is “American American Food.” Those newcomers to the United States are refugees, asylum seekers, and survivors of the Nonprofit Food and Drug Program. At the end of 10 weeks, graduates have the skills (and connections) to work in a NYC restaurant scene, and some have added special flavors to menus around the city.

>> Next week Emma Torch is helping refugees succeed in the food world.

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