Eat your yard – pink potatoes are the pride of this year’s garden

I arrived in the spring as I did not grow enough potatoes in my garden, so I bought very few seed potatoes from the book gardens.

In April, I thought it was a big potato. Then I found some unusual varieties at Mesa Food Mart, so I bought a few more. In May, I removed excess carrots to make room for those potatoes.

I have now dug more than half a potato, and I am sorry that there are only eight plants left in the garden.

But I’m not sad about my sweet pink potato. I’m sure they look like red potatoes, but as you can see in the photo, they are bright pink on the outside and pale pink on the inside. So I call them pink potatoes.

I found seed potatoes for these plants at Mesa Food Mart, and since I set up an average kitchen trash can like you, I had no trouble writing the name of the difference.

As for potatoes, my rule is to buy any variety except rice. I don’t hate rice, I can buy those in a grocery store, and they are very cheap.

I do not want to grow my garden in the same way that I bought it for a small price. I had never seen such potatoes in the store, so I really had to try to grow them.

Based on the shape of the potatoes, I guess they are the fingers. I wanted to try a new recipe for pink finger potatoes – if I could find a recipe for pink finger potatoes…

My last three pink potato problems did not produce much potatoes, so I had to add more potatoes.

I think I would get a better harvest if I planted potatoes in the sun, but I did not sacrifice tomatoes for potatoes. But next year I will try to grow more potatoes, leaving carrots, onions and flowers.

The Rose Spades are so amazing that I wonder how long I have lived without them, only that the potato potatoes are much easier to find in the ground than the purple ones.

They are more fun than digging carrots and are more fun to eat than columns that don’t know how to stay where they are planted.

Next year, my garden will be amazing.


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