ECHS landscaping and horticultural students live in the National FFA to serve as a gift

This is part of an ongoing project called EC Re-Leaf, and is done at no cost to the school.

East Central High School Photo provided.

(St. Lyon, Ind) Students donate as $ 3,000 to the National FEAAA at the 2020 harvest semester. EC Re-Leaf encourages the use of local plants in the landscape.

Landscaping Management students started the project by removing old pine shrubs from existing planting beds with the help of Suman-Woodboard maintenance workers and Maxwell Construction workers. The original design was prepared, and plants were ordered from Natorp in Masson, Ohio. Plants were given in September to complete the landscaping at the entrance to the Field Art Center, and to complete the project at the east entrance in May. Students planted shrubs and shrubs correctly, and cleared the area. Landscaping and horticultural science students will continue to provide ongoing care and maintenance to the plants.

The plants include 86 native, shrubs, and 96 local plants, including flowering plants and native grass. The shrubs were planted by landscape students, and the plants were planted by gardening students. All plants provide not only a beautiful landscape but also food and shelter for birds, pollen and nectar, and high school visitors have the opportunity to see how native plants are used locally.

This area will have signs to identify plants, and will prevent visitors and students from walking in the beds.

This installation welcomes you to high school, and provides another practical, real-world experience in the ECHS Agricultural Program and the FFA chapter.

Questions about the project to Roy Johnson – Agricultural Teacher and FFA Consultant Email:

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