Eliminate tent caterpillars

As I was doing my work last week, I noticed the number of trees in our trees and I was worried about the damage this pest would cause. It seems that one can take one of the trails in Ashland and see all these insects along the way.

Tent caterpillars have been around for some time. I remember them even when I was a child. Some years may seem worse than others, but we seem to be always arguing over the loss of a few trees. This year has been a difficult one.

Tent caterpillars destroy the leaves of various trees. Beginning in the spring, they can be identified by the web they create at the tops of trees. You can assume that everything on the web is gone. These tiny insects are giant blue-haired, black, black, or green caterpillars with spots and spots. The reason the caterpillars are outside the nest is to expand the nest. Four generations can be created at a time.

Tent caterpillar house nearby.

Methods of removing tent caterpillars

I remember when I was a kid, I used to drag the masses down and look at them. At the time, insects seemed to grow from eggs to giant caterpillars. This leads me to my first solution to get rid of caterpillars – cut down the damaged tree. Once you have them down, put them in a bucket of soap and water.

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