Elimination of Violations: Cabinet for CDA

Islamabad: The Federal Cabinet has issued a warning to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), including the relocation of people living on land allocated to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for the Defense Complex, a well-informed source told Business Correspondent.

On August 3, 2021, CDA Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed, who was recently praised for his outstanding work by the Prime Minister, briefed the Cabinet on the recent progress in eliminating violations in the E-8 and E-9 sectors (Margala Road). ). To address the issue of human rights abuses, the CDA first approached the Ministry of Defense and later the Ministry of Defense for a peaceful solution.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister made it clear that no matter how influential the organization or the individual, no one should infringe on government land. It has been suggested that the Navy Golf Course was built on invading land. According to the chairman of the CDA, about 100 hectares of land has been cleared to build a golf course that will hamper the completion of roads in accordance with the master plan. The Prime Minister ordered the immediate removal of all violations in the Green Zone, particularly the Margala Hills National Park, and the restoration of the original master plan. The need to relocate those living on the land allotted to the defense compound was also heard.

He told the cabinet that the first meeting of stakeholders in the Ministry of Defense had been held earlier and that a joint survey had been launched for the CDA and the ministry.

He also said that Navel Headquarter (NHQ) & Air Headquarter (AHQ) have taken steps to restore green belts along with sectors E-8 and E-9 in Kaaba-e-Ebal in compliance with Cabinet guidelines, which are hampering infrastructure. Removed / redesigned igned. Unauthorized parking on the green belt has been removed. Alternative parking has been established within Sector E-8 within the sector boundaries. According to Cabinet guidelines, PAFSOM’s business activities have been terminated by FF E-9. The double road to the National Defense University (NDU) has been confirmed by removing obstacles.

A briefing on the reconstruction of the E-8 Temporary Security Infrastructure will be completed in 6-8 months, by the end of August 21, and security infrastructure and switching security are in progress. Out of 1130, 1020 jumps were moved to the first fence. Overall, 90% of the work is completed and the rest will be completed soon.

On E-9, they shared an update on the re-alignment of temporary security infrastructure, to ensure compliance with the guidelines, and to complete and approve a capital program for police officers. 2021-22 The project will be completed in 6-8 months after the necessary budget approval. However; Air University boundary wall will be used to reconnect E-8 and E-9 boundary walls.

Amir Ali Ahmed, a close relative of the Electoral Commissioner, said he had made extensive efforts to develop green belts in Kayan-e-Iqbal. Abundant spraying system for food for green development. Nearly 10,000 seedlings have recently been planted together by PN & PAF and more are to be added. Landscaping and gardening completed in the allotted time.

Commenting on the removal of the unlicensed Islamabad traffic police on Sector E-8 Green Belt, he said the move would affect the Islamabad traffic police.

With the help of both services, he said, the construction of the Shahin Chawk subway will eliminate long-distance traffic concerns.

He said 98 RBSWT work has been completed by 98% of the four RBSWT plants under construction. The four have the capacity to treat 450,000 gallons of gray water per day.

Talking about the construction of the Shahin Chauk underground with the help of both services to address the long-term traffic concerns, he said the PC-1 will be approved and the work will start in three months. RoW is not recommended due to heavy farming.

After a detailed discussion, the cabinet instructed the rest of the action plan to accelerate progress. Further violations – by any organization or individual – on the road to public rights, green areas, especially Margala Hills National Park, were ordered immediately.

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