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Mycorrhizal Applications Based on research and development in 1995 and has been revolutionizing the industry ever since. In the last jump, MA was promoted by advancing microcirculation technology MycoApply® EndoThrive, Is a new liquid microcosm energy product for professional use. The new addition to the MycoApply product line is a suspended liquid concentration processor that contains highly active ingredients in a non-aqueous liquid carrier. Liquid products are preferred in many application situations. However, previous generations of fluid microcosm incoccus were determined for a number of reasons, including shelf life. EndoThrive is designed to overcome these challenges and is designed to achieve a shelf life of 2 years, as well as many other conversion benefits, including the ability to be a tank mixed with liquid fertilizers.

“Endo Trading offers many benefits to manufacturers, including the addition of liquid fertilizer storage and the application of liquid fertilizer feed, which provides application efficiency and energy savings,” said MA Sales and Marketing Manager. “This next-generation formula has been successfully implemented in the agricultural market for many years, with decades of experience in the field of MA mycorrhizal experts and the knowledge of our parent company, Valen Bioscience, and liquid biological production. . ”

EndoThrive is designed to integrate microprocessor into their protocols efficiently and effectively, eliminating any additional labor-intensive steps in their product protocols. With a high concentration of liquid carriers and active ingredients, EndoThrive is the culmination of years of R&D with the most user-friendly mycorrhizal inoculant. It can be easily added to crop practices without the need for additional steps in the production protocol. Any method of irrigating the root zone can be obtained by irrigation or fertilizer application to make direct contact with the boom by spraying, spraying, dripping irrigation, hand spraying, fertilizing, or growing roots. Due to the size of the liquid carrier and the small packaging, this formula is suitable for lawn or landscaping. EndoThrive is the best choice in the MycoApply product line for treating lawns in sports fields, golf courses and general lawn maintenance.

MycoApply EndoThrive will be available from July 1, 2021 and will feature four types of EndoThrive: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. etunicatum, And G. aggregatum. These symbiotic soils use 85% of plant species and to a maximum of 720,000 propagandists per penny (available in pin bottles, 8 cents per case). EndoThrive It is designed to dissolve in 8 ounces of liquid per 100 gallons of water (this can be achieved through a 1: 100 injection / medicine). This means that every 1-pin bottle of MycoApply EndoThrive can handle 200 gallons of application solution.

Endomycorrhizae are biological, symbolic soil fungi that colonize plant root systems and serve as life-sustaining roots. Evidence suggests that microcephaly provides a variety of direct and indirect benefits to plants through this symbiosis, and ultimately increases plant overall strength, stress resistance, drought resistance and success. They can also reduce important investments in other important inputs such as fertilizer and irrigation.

More information MycoApply EndoThrive And its benefits: https://mycorrhizae.com/mycoapply-endothrive/.

Contact MycoApply Distributor at the state or region https://mycorrhizae.com/mycoapply-distributor-map/.

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