Emergency Water Infrastructure for Agriculture for Victoria

The Australian Government is providing $ 100 million in emergency water infrastructure reduction assistance to drought-affected farmers in Victoria.

Minister of Resources and Water Keith Pitt welcomes the Victorian government’s commitment to supporting farmers in drought-tolerant projects.

“This extension will help Victorian farmers build long-term infrastructure and drought resilience in East Gpsland and Wellington. Minister Pete said.

“Livestock farmers can upgrade their agricultural infrastructure, including tanks, bowls, pipes, pumps, dams and new bags.

A more secure and sustainable water supply for the future is to support our farmers to build better agricultural water infrastructure.

The first program provided $ 3.56 million to the Australian Government’s drought-affected Australian farmers.

The Australian Government has provided an additional $ 862,540 to the Victorian Government.

Victoria Agriculture Minister Mary-Ann Thomas said the extension in Victoria would provide additional support to the hardest-hit farmers who are still suffering from the effects of the drought.

In drought-affected communities, this is a welcome news for farmers. I am happy to know that we have been providing $ 862,540 in support over the long term.

According to the plan, the discount will enable our farmers to build new water infrastructure that will better prepare them for future droughts.

According to the extended plan, $ 1.7 million is a joint contribution of the Victorian and Australian governments to Victoria farmers in East Gpsland and Wellington.

The additional investment recognizes the popularity of the plan. Qualified farmers who have not received a discount in one round of the program can claim up to $ 25,000 in infrastructure costs.

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