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Jambbi (Antara) – Batanghari Umul Masakin Islamic Boarding School, Jambbi District is one of the beneficiaries of the Islamic Freedom Scholarship Program of Islamic Boarding Schools in Jumbi Province.

Three other Islamic schools in the Central Bank’s representative office are participating in a business unit management program at Jambbi-Sarolagun Almanar Islamic Boarding School, Jumbi Asad Islamic Boarding School and Al Mutakin Islamic Boarding School.

Batanghari Umul Masakin Islamic Boarding School Foundation Nizomuddin said Monday (August 9th) that the school’s business unit has served as a mediator for students, alumni, and school management professionals.

The Central Bank has been leading the Umul Masakin Islamic Boarding School in the field of horticulture since 2020.

The school is currently in third place. The school first collected 6 tons of long beans and 7 tons of pumpkins in the second.

He added that the school is developing a fruitful catfish as much as gardening.

In the first instance, at the Indonesian School and Bank, Jumbi planted 10,000 catfish seeds. In the next step, another 21,000 catfish seeds are added.

Collected from both fishing and farming units, they are sold in nearby markets, such as the Muroa Bulian area and the Jambbi Talang Gulo market. Traders from Bungo, Tebo and Sarolangu came directly to the school to buy catfish.

According to Nizomuddin, students and graduates have benefited from businesses that allow them to serve as intermediaries and gain knowledge and practice outside of school.

Another benefit is additional financial support for the school system. Graduates involved in business development also benefited from the program.

Nizomuddin said at least 10 older students have been able to earn extra income to help them grow in business, which in turn has reduced their tuition fees.

The school’s business units have also created new entrepreneurs and farmers in Jambbi. BA has also helped develop water storage facilities.

Suti Masnari Nassiusi, head of BI’s Jambbi representative office, said the program is aimed at a number of Islamic boarding schools and is part of Sharia economic development.

Nassing noted that the business unit development in Islamic boarding schools has benefited the economy as well as the students. BA provides guidance and analysis of their facilities to increase the potential of Islamic boarding schools.

BI plans to make Islamic boarding schools economically viable, so they can become economic hubs for their local communities.

For the past few years, the Central Bank has made efforts to develop business units in Islamic boarding schools. Schools participating in their programs have received support and guidance in many areas of business development.

“Economic liberation of schools could be a source of new economic growth in Jambbi, which will boost the region’s economy,” he said.

BI has now discovered the potential to develop water depots in boarding schools. Analysis showed that access to clean water is a common problem in boarding schools, especially for general use or drinking water for students.

The Central Bank has assigned drinking water dispensers to the schools so that students can use clean water.

Economic transition is needed to strengthen the national economic structure between national and regional economic recovery. He said the change can be achieved by strengthening economic development and Islamic finance as a source of new economic growth.

At the opening of Serabi 2021, Jumbi District Secretary Suderman Islamic Boarding School Economic Development Program has been implemented by the Jombi Representative Office of Bank Indonesia since 2017.

He said four Islamic boarding schools are currently receiving business guidance from the BI in terms of achieving economic independence in the business sector.

“The economic development program for Islamic schools for 2021 is two existing Islamic boarding schools and two new Islamic boarding schools,” said Sudanman.

The push for Islamic freedom in boarding schools is also part of an effort to encourage the development of a Sharia economy that prioritizes the principles of justice, equality and mutual benefit.

He said Sharia economic development could be implemented in various business sectors such as trade, agriculture and financial services.

He said economic freedom could be stimulated in Islamic boarding schools, which could be developed through their business units.

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