Engineering advice begins, but licenses for upcoming new courses

Crowded seats and colleges blurred the options on the first day of Saturday, giving connections to colleges and admission to existing courses, as well as engineering candidates on the day of the Jawaharlal Nehru University of Technology Elections. Hyderabad (JNTU-H).

JNTU-H did not fully issue membership orders for inclusion by advisory authorities even when students entered to use their options to select courses and colleges. Some permits come late Saturday, but students arrive early in the morning.

Lack of transparency on new courses such as machine learning – Artificial Intelligence; Computer science and design; Artificial Intelligence – Information Science in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Stream; Automatic and robots are also confusing students in the mechanical engineering stream. Colleges have previously applied for a license but have not yet been granted one.

Colleges seeking to reduce enrollment in some existing branches by supporting the new courses have been approved, officials said after a long delay. However, the decision is still pending for colleges that have applied for a license to introduce these new courses to a new admission. Officials at the Department of Technical Education did not know the reason for the delay. “We will hang up as soon as we receive the necessary orders and we have no role in the delay,” said a senior official.

Meanwhile, the government added a few more colleges and seats on Saturday night to increase the total engineering seats in 172 colleges to 65,219 under the Convention Quota. These include 3,645 seats in 15 colleges under various universities. The remaining 61,574 seats are in 157 affiliated colleges.

Management quota in related colleges is not done individually and under the supervision of the government.

There are 1,790 seats in JNTU-H and 54,599 seats in five university colleges and 141 colleges. Under the University of Omania there are 620 seats in two university colleges and 5,978 seats in 13 associate colleges. The University of Kakatiya has 825 seats in three Varsity Colleges and 997 seats in three related colleges. Mahatma Gandhi University has 180 seats in one college.

Convention Quota fills non-farmer quota seats under PTTSUU and B.Tech (Dairy Technology) at PVNR Horticultural University and JN Architecture and Fine Arts University (JAA).

At the first level of counseling, students can submit their web choices by September 16th. At the end of the day, the certification and web options process will reopen in the second phase of the consultation.

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