Enjoy gardening with much less work

When gardeners love gardening, they often wonder when they will be able to enjoy the outdoors if they always plant and grow. And that back pain?

All gardeners dream of having a beautiful garden with very little work.

Speaking at the Pit County Extension Hall on January 29, Pit County Extension Volunteer Gardener Volunteer also offers tips on how Frank Hayman, also known as “Free Gardner,” works.

The organizing committee, Joan Colar, Rosa Davis, and Susan Pursell, shared the following information about the speaker.

Haiman, a renowned garden designer from Durame, has created drought-resistant, deer-resistant, low-maintenance, organic and beautiful gardens.

“I enjoy talking about gardening more than gardening,” he said.

Hayman studied horticulture under the designation of Jesse Raulston, NC State University arboretum. He studied design with Tracy Trayer, Dennis Wood and Will Hooker, which has several plantations at the NC Art Museum.

He worked as a carpenter, carpenter, and sculptor, and was trained by Bob Mulley, an early organic geologist.

Early in his career, Hayman grew organic vegetables in Granville County, picking oranges in Spain and working as an IPM scout for tomato farmers in South Carolina.

Landscaping landscaping, design work in Durham is limited to what Durame, the inner city of Durham, calls “Bungal settlements”, where it creates new gardens that do not require many children.

Haiman speaks and teaches in the state and around the country and was arrested six months ago. Since 1990 he has written articles for Raley News and Observer, “Poultry Poultry”, “Vegetables” and many more.

His books “Hentopia” and “How to Eat Mushrooms Without Die” are on sale.

“Frank Hayman, Free Gardener – Enjoy Your Garden With Less Work!” Available as a holiday gift to your gardening friends.

Tickets can be purchased at the Pit County Extension Office or Wild Birds Unlimited for $ 20 for the general public and $ 15 for Pitt County Arbor friends. Tickets are restricted due to Covidy-19 restrictions so make sure you get yours. If available, tickets at the door will be $ 30.

A mask is needed for the event as it will be indoors. January 29 Doors open at 9 p.m.

Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this event — Carolina Seasons Nursery, Quality Equipment, Wild Birds Unlimited and 103.7 WTIB-FM.

Our Extension Gardener Volunteers are ready for help and advice on everything gardening. You can contact the Extension Master Gardener Information Line on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 902-1705.

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Hannah S. Smith is a Horticultural Extension Agent.


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