Essential garden essentials at home

For the past year, my wife and I have been working on our new home (OK, two years – the process is just right). It was a slow and occasionally painful journey that I could only carry with my love to discover new decorations and design elements. We tested the major changes in the kitchen and the big projects in the down-to-stove conditions in the bathrooms, and now we are moving through each room and filling in all the layers we are compressing.

We are now focusing on finishing up our new little girl and dining room to make it look like we are planning a family holiday. Next up on my list would be our salon, but I found myself distracted.

As the weather progressed for the sunny days, I could not help but think that I needed to elevate my garden and outdoors from a pile of garbage (recently piled up with old doors) to a backyard. In fact, to see the magnificent setting under the sun and the stars, you just had to visit Mary Carol Garretti’s beautiful cottage once for the coming new season.

When he came to my backyard, I found a few extra items absolutely necessary. The first is a large dining table to please my family and any friends who can stop. I would like to find a place for some favorite al Frasco dining. I know that when I want to create an outdoor dining area, I need something practical but beautiful. Size is important when the kitchen is more than a few steps away! Excessive tables with plenty of room for dining and decoration are a must. Show some delicious potted plants for a seasonal center that needs only a little watering and maybe a pruning.

Next to the backyard wish list is a small living room for a night out on the fire. Although traditional fire pits are beautiful, I prefer something a little more characteristic. Not only is firewood beautiful but this wood burning option is very portable and can be moved between uses depending on where you want it. The size eliminates the small amount of heat and can easily lead to an existing seating position. Sturdy chairs Amazingly cushioned chairs hold a glass of wine or a nice corner for a night out.

Lacking a green thumb, the right gardens around our house are missing! I plan to plant my few live plants and flowers with many plants. I especially love planters with natural moss baked into terracotta; They blend beautifully with nature. Of course, without additional makeup touches, this might not be my favorite show. There are a few things that complement the outdoor space for me, such as a set of garden stools and a collection of beautiful outdoor pillows. On those lazy summer afternoons, we all need a place to rest our drinks – and our heads.

We hope that this dream will come true soon. I look forward to the coming months and the good things that come with it.

A few things, such as a garden stool and a beautiful set of outdoor pillows, complete the exterior. (Nail Hill / TNS)


Planters and Flowers Home. (Nail Hill / TNS)


Sturdy chairs Amazingly cushioned chairs hold a glass of wine or a nice corner for a night out. (Nail Hill / TNS)


For outdoor recreation, oversized tables are essential for dining and decorating. (Nail Hill / TNS)

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