Establishment of a fruit and vegetable institution has come to a close with the closure of Amritsar Road

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Amritsar, August 11

The government’s delay in acquiring the land selected for post-graduate horticulture research and education (PGHR) has delayed the establishment of the Amsterdam-Atari GT.

Two years ago, the New Delhi Indian Council for Agricultural Research (IAR) station selection committee approved 32 hectares of land in Chaddan village on GT Street. Guru Nanak Dave University established a CIA team of experts and educated professors in compliance with state government guidelines. The team submitted its CIA report to the Government Expert Committee on April 28, 2021. The Committee of Experts presented the report to the relevant authorities on June 30, 2021.

Despite the completion of these government procedures, a press release has not yet been posted or posted at the government entrance. Land acquisition process begins three months after the announcement. Therefore, the regional government should give the newspaper notice without delay because the Punjab conference will be held soon and the code of conduct can be enacted at any time after three months.

PGIHRE In 2015, it is expected to illuminate the opportunities of the agricultural community, which has been sanctioned by the central government and is in a wheat and flour meltdown.

Progressive farmers, such as Colgate Singh, feel that the institute’s research will increase the growth of fruits and vegetables through technology extension. Post-harvest management and marketing of fruits and vegetables will help solve serious problems. Under the National Horticulture Mission, the central government will impose adequate financial sanctions, which will help address the problem of depletion of groundwater by introducing micro-irrigation and drip irrigation.

Members of Amritsar Vikas Manch (AVM) expressed frustration with the release of a land acquisition notice to establish PGIHRE in the woreda, which provides important advice and guidance in horticulture. He said the establishment of the code of conduct will further delay its establishment.

Deputy Commissioner Gurpret Singh Kaira said there is no delay on the part of the woreda administration.

Guerrer Singh, deputy director of the Department of Fruits and Vegetables, said he had previously submitted the file to Ajana SDM.

There is no way in two years

  • The Indian Agricultural Research Council’s venue selection committee has approved the establishment of a 32-hectare post-graduate horticultural research and education institute in the village of Chaddan.
  • Guru Nanak Dave University established a social impact assessment team of experts and professors. The team submitted its CIA report on April 28, 2021

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