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Each profile is filled with high-quality insights, providing detailed company information. Users can use these insights to identify, target and communicate with real gardeners and suppliers. This company information includes employee insights, the impact of company competitors, new trends and challenges, the latest news and more.

Free insights are included for all fruit and vegetable production Manufacturer and supplier profiles

  • Product and Service Category Supply and List of Initial Industries
  • Risk of trading on four different metrics
  • List of key executives in the company and roles
  • Company Finance and General Organizational Information
  • International, national and regional competitors
  • List of key customers
  • High trends and challenges in the job industry and the expected impact on business
  • Latest company news with the ability to subscribe to current news alerts

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Vegetable and fruit companies on BizVibe

The BizVibe platform contains 10M + company profiles distributed across 40,000+ products and services in 200,000 countries. There are over 100+ company profiles related to fruit and vegetable producers on Bizvibe, covering 5+ product and service categories. Each company profile contains detailed insights to help purchase and sales teams find trusted suppliers and find sales prospects.

Examples of fruit and vegetable producer and supplier companies that can be found on Bizvibe include the following.

  • Manufacturers of Horticultural Equipment
  • Vegetable Chemical Manufacturers
  • Perleite suppliers
  • Horticultural sand suppliers
  • Horticultural Management Services

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Company Profiles for Buyers and Sellers

BizVibe’s modern B2B platform is designed to help international buyers and sellers. Powered by the new best-in-class solutions, BizVibe provides superior product features for both category managers and sales professionals.

Features for Buyers:

  • Find the right suppliers quickly
  • Create short lists and custom alerts
  • Reduce supplier risk and evaluate suppliers
  • Send RFIs / RFPs

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Characteristics for Vendors

  • Target the right sales prospects
  • Qualify leaders
  • Analyze buyer capacity
  • API integration and data enrichment

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About BizVibe

BizVibe is conceptually built by an outside team Toronto, Bangalore, And London. We are an Infinity Research Branch and have dedicated units in all three locations. BizVibe helps buyers find the most relevant suppliers around the world and drive sellers to target their products and / or services. For more information, please visit www.bizvibe.com and get started today for free.



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