Everything you need to know about the Lancaster Reck’s new brewery in Mozambique, Buchanan and reservoirs

The temperature is warming up, which is a great time to dine with friends and sit outside.

Lancaster Rec will soon offer three new locations to do this. The company will host a three-week beer garden in Lancaster this June in the Moors, Buchanan and Reservoirs parks.

The best part is that for a good reason.

Proceeds from the event will be used to fund Lancaster Rack activities, including summer camp programs and recreational sports teams, but they will also go to beautify the parks. According to Hector Dige, CEO of Lancaster Reck, funds will be allocated for park seats and new trees among other park improvement projects.

The beer garden offers beer, wine and cocktails as well as many non-alcoholic beverages. The goal is to be family-friendly, says Dige.

“As a young parent, there are not many options for entertaining the whole family,” said Dige, a mother of two.

Most child-friendly entertainment venues, such as Dutch Wonderland and Hans-on House, are for children, but beer gardens have many activities for children and parents, says Dige. She says they are the perfect destination for relaxing with friends or after work.

“I repeat, it’s like a big barbecue for the people in the city who have no backyard,” says Dige. “All you have to do is attend and have a good time.”


Lancaster Reck hosts an Irish bar and entertainment venue in Lancaster in partnership with Tellus360. Beer parks will be held in the spring at Moser, Buchanan and reservoirs, and again in September. The date and location of the Spring Brewery have not yet been announced.

Here are the dates for every beer garden this spring

– June 1 to 5: Muser Park, 135 N. Lime St.

– June 8 to 12; Buchanan Park, 901 Buchanan Ave.

– June 15-19: Reservoir Park, 832 E. Orange St..

Each beer garden has a free entrance and is suitable for children and pets. They will be given wrists to buy alcohol for those 21 years of age and older. People under the age of 21 can enter the garden unless they are one person.

At each beer garden, there will be food trucks and a few vendors. The beer garden accepts cash and credit cards, although payment methods may vary for individual food trucks.

The beer selection will be local with options from Windridge Farms, our Town Brewing Company, Spring House Brewing Company and Lancaster Brewing Company.

“When we work with Telus, we say the most important thing for us is domestic use,” Dige said. “We want to honor our local craftsmen and craftsmen here.”

People can bring their own blankets and chairs, although there are enough seats to accommodate about 250 people at the event, Dige said. Editors cannot book; Seat Come first: You will be offered first.

“We want this to be a really interesting and special place to visit,” Digge said.

There will be many field games, such as checks, cornfields, and ladder golf.

“Our hope is that the children will play in the playground, and the family will have a good walk in the park. In addition to being a beer garden, this is a great way to enjoy time in a beautiful green space,” says Digge.

How it happened

Digge always needs inspiration, wants to bring new ideas to Lancaster County.

Most of the time, she looks at other entertainment programs in big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to get her ideas to work locally.

The breweries are directly inspired by the Philadelphia Parks On-Tap program, with a tourist brewery offering parks. Dige talks to people at Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to see how you can bring something like this to Lancaster because the gardens are well-accepted in Philadelphia and support many of its parks.

Although it is the largest entertainment company in Lancaster County, the non-profit Lancaster Reck is not run by local government.

The organization has applied for key event licenses with Lancaster City.

“In this idea, we met with a group that was allowed to walk, which was zoning, public works, all those people.

After the idea was approved, they planned to implement the beer garden and meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and the city of Lancaster.

The breweries operate under Tellus360’s Off Premises Catering Permit, Dige said.

The license allows alcohol-licensed businesses to offer alcohol at events that are subject to strict rules and regulations.

Lancaster Reck receives donations from Tito Vodka (1 cocktail sold by Tito) and Hard Salt brand Lake None ($ 1 per cell). Local businesses can also purchase sponsorship to support the beer garden mission. Business members involved so far include 1st Federal Credit Union, Harlan Financial and Trout, Ibersol and Grof.


In Lancaster parks, people generally accept the idea of ​​beer parks, Dige said. She did not receive any response.

However, that does not mean that Lancaster Reck will not hear any complaints.

“If we strongly believe that a particular neighborhood is not suitable for them, we will fully understand that and that does not matter,” Digge said. She is open to the idea of ​​bringing beer vegetables to other neighborhoods.

“We know it’s something new and unique,” Digge said. “We hope the community enjoys it, and sees it as a space for them. Parks are for everyone.”

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