Experience the “French” season in the Gibbs Gardens

Yes! Giverney in Georgia – Unforgettable Water Flowers, Cloud of Cloud Monette Bridge.

Ball ground, ga., August 20, 2021 / PRNewswire – Givney in Georgia? Gibbs Gardens 147 Strong and tropical flowers bloom in full bloom in August and September. Zoom out!

# 1 Reflections! Inspired by the Cloud Monet Garden in Giverney, Jim Gibbs re-created the Japanese footpath to the end of his own water lily garden. In the Gibes Gardens, photographers draw bridges and waterfowl to the pond. Photo by Gibbs Gardens

Inspired by French artist Cloud Monet Nearby is the famous Giverney Garden Paris, Jim Gibbs In the heart of the Gibbs Valley Gardens, he created the WaterLily Gardens, including a copy of Monet’s famous Japanese footprint. Five ponds reflect the bright colors of flowers and perfect flowers. The bridge is painted the same color as the Monet Japan Bridge and has the same purple and white whistles that grow above the bridge.

Photographers drawn by these exotic flowers flock to the WaterLily Gardens until August to gather around five ponds and take in stunning photographs of quiet waterfowl.

Thousands of flowers perform on the scene

The annual and annual venues planted in the gardens are ubiquitous: drama with bright colors exploding in all directions; Different shapes, sizes, heights and leaves. During the summer months, when the bushes show their peaks at the peak, dozens of annual and annual species display their colorful, beautiful shapes and velvet-soft petals.

At the end of the summer, the wildflowers begin to display wildflowers, golden plants, translators, and other wildflowers.

The secret is out – Jim Gibbs, Who does not like to show favorites, admits that the next day, August: The Flower Show: His favorite month in the gardens of Gibbs.

About Gibbs Gardens

Gibbs Gardens is a 336-hectare private garden Jim Gibbs, Founder of Gibbs Landscape Company – one of the most successful companies in the South. It is one of the thirteen best horticultural gardens in the United States and has recently been named the best garden in the world Georgia According to the Atlanta Journal, Gibbs Gardens always has something new in bloom. The five feature gardens and 21 seasonal collections Gardens provide unique and ongoing joy for all gardeners. Go to gibbsgardens.com to learn more about Gibbs Gardens.

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# 2 Over 147 Water Flowers Gibe's Garden Water Lily Gardens provide beautiful warm and strong flowers and ornamental flowers.  Crystal crystals double the beauty of each flower.  Photo by Gibbs Gardens

# 2 More than 147 water lilies Gibbs Garden Water lily gardens offer beautiful tropical and delicate flowers and ornamental tones. Crystal crystals double the beauty of each flower. Photo by Gibbs Gardens

Football Land, GA (PRNewsfoto / Gibbs Gardens)

Football Land, GA (PRNewsfoto / Gibbs Gardens)



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