Experts say a new report could lead to temporary migration

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  • A new report on Australia’s temporary migration system exposes widespread exploitation and low wages.
  • Experts say that following a two-year request, reforms should be made to transfer power to unions and independent bodies.
  • “This allows undocumented workers to grow up in the government,” said Mark Morrei, secretary of the UNSSS.
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The Senate-led Labor Committee called for a temporary immigration system to address exploitation and labor shortages.

After a two-year investigation into the current structure, it received 131 submissions and found widespread evidence of wage theft and exploitation in industries with large numbers of temporary migrant workers.

The Senate Committee on Wednesday issued 40 recommendations to improve the system, including a call for the repeal of the 88-day travel law, including a requirement for people on holiday visas to work in Australia. Year visa.

According to the comments, the 88-day working standard for backbone ends, which is already the case for British citizens.

Australia has agreed to meet the requirements for free travel to the UK as part of a free trade agreement.

Low pay is very widespread

The request documented temporary visa exploitation, salary theft, physical abuse, and sexual harassment.

He also highlighted the need for regional communities that suffer from a lack of agricultural labor, visa approval years and temporary labor costs.

In its October 2021 annual report, the Fair Work Ombudsman reported 19,000 unidentified suspects in the last financial year.

He reported that more than $ 19 million had been returned to unpaid workers through aid dispute resolution services, including workers in high-risk sectors such as horticulture.

The March 2019 report by the Refugee Workers Task Force Government reported that a quarter of international students and 32% of holidaymakers were paid less than half the minimum wage, especially in food services, and fruit and vegetable choices.

The report found that 44% of respondents were paid in cash and half were not paid.

According to an employee, system upgrades are needed

Labor Senator and Committee Chair Raff Sicon told Parliament that the committee’s findings over the years show that there are only “band-aid solutions” and “lack of system improvement.”

Sikokon called for a return to the traditional exchange of labor rather than labor.

A small claim court will be set up to deal with salary theft and extend visas until the report calls for a ban on hiring temporary refugees for employers who exploit workers.

The Department of Homeland Security offers significant financial support to ensure more timely visa decisions and to ensure legal firewalls for the protection of hackers and exploiters between the ombudsman and home affairs.

It also calls for current staffing to increase Australia’s neutrality and improve two Pacific labor programs to address agricultural labor shortages.

‘Catch Me If You Can’

The report recommends that unions audit businesses suspected of exploiting workers.

Morei called for a new government, industry, and trade union to identify and address skills shortages that would improve employers’ accountability.

NSW Secretary Mark Mory told Business Insights Australia that the government has “turned a blind eye” to the development of a “secondary staff” that has gradually shut down regulators and unions.

Although there have been numerous reports of failures in the current system, the merger of the immigration law with the Industrial Relations Act over the past decade has taken a toll on the rights of migrant workers, Morere said.

“they have [the government] It has allowed high school workers to grow up in this country with unskilled workers who are unable to exercise their rights or industrial rights, ”he said.

He said the comprehensiveness of the report will help rebuild accountability in the system.

He exposed the consequences for employers who violated the rules of the workplace, which contributed to the development of a culture of “arrest me if you can”.

“There was no punishment when they were arrested,” Mori said. The worst thing that can happen to you is to get your wages back.

Another piece of advice; Employees found violating workplace rules will be barred from engaging temporary workers, and will help reshape the system.

Mori said the unions believed NSW needed to reconsider its use of migrant workers, and that better coordination between training programs and migrant workers’ programs would help solve the problem.

“I think the important thing is to connect with the education and training programs in Australia where there is a shortage,” he said.

In fact, while training people in those industries, we need to look at how we use temporary migration or visa workers to overcome shortages.

Finally, Mori said the government’s announcement last month that it would allow workers to obtain permanent residency permits would help “protect those workers from crossing the system” under pressure from outside groups.

“We need to make sure that the people who come here have the same industrial and legal rights safety net that Australian workers have in this country.

They do not have to be second class citizens.

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