Explained why hemacal apple growers were upset by the import duty

Apple growers in Himalayan Paradise have not been relieved of their tax burden on apples.

Fruit growers in the mountainous region, who have been demanding higher taxes on apples due to declining market share, hoped that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would make the announcement during a visit to Shimla on May 31. National Democratic Cooperation Government.

Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed again.


Fruit gardeners from Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand have been making numerous complaints to the center. Tax-exempt fruit products have not yet been reduced.

Serious losses

Apple manufacturers have appealed to central and regional governments to increase tariffs on imported apples. It comes to India from 44 different countries and is the largest source of income for Chile and Iran. For the past two years, home-grown apples have been facing stiff competition from India’s duty-free trade agreement.

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Due to the “heavy income” of the fruit from Iran, apple growers in Hemakal and Kashmir are suffering. Each fruit box stored in the freezer is losing 400-500 Rebels. In Chandigarh, Kundley, Sonpat, Ahmadabadab, Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada, a total of 2.84 crore Apple boxes were valued at 3.43 kroner last year and one million metric tons were stored in cold stores and controlled warehouses. .

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The gardeners suffered greatly because they had no choice but to sell the low-cost apples. Common cold Apple markets from the Himalayas and Kashmir, as well as controlled air conditioning apples, have been damaged by cheap products from Iran, making the business unprofitable and unprofitable.

The Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Producers’ Association (HMA) presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Jay Ram Takur to address the issue, but nothing has been done on the ground, according to the association’s president, Harish Chauhan.

Horticultural counting delay

Another unfortunate factor for apple growers in the state is the slow pace of horticultural census last month. The agency managing the work could not meet the deadlines.

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Interestingly, the census took place more than 30 years later. The exercise was last held in It was 1989. Last year, the Department of Horticulture signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Commonwealth Service Center (CSC), which provides accurate and up-to-date information. State Gardening and Related Works. C.S.C. The survey was to be conducted in all 12 districts of the region.

A.D. The Department of Horticulture relies heavily on Revenue Department data to create policies and programs because the data collected from the census three decades ago is now obsolete. Apple’s growing farmers, who represent the backbone of the state’s horticultural economy, are frustrated that successive governments have not been able to conduct the census for so long.

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Apple Farmers’ Complaint

The apple growers criticized such a heinous act because they felt that the department could not formulate the required policies for such an important sector without even updated information. The Himalayan Parade is a 60,000 crore market that provides fodder for about 1.75 lakh families.

As a result, the grievances of Apple’s growing farmers have not yet been resolved. The apple business is in deep trouble as subsidies for pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers are dwindling. In addition, the rising cost of pesticides and fertilizers is making Apple production more sustainable. In addition, the lack of incentives or subsidies for Apple’s growing producers has hampered the construction of small-scale storage facilities.

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