Explore Chicago’s Hidden Gardens

CHICAGO – The motto “Urbs in Horto” is on the official seal of Chicago. Latin is “a city of gardens.”

Many people found colorful gardens at Grant Park and Navy Pier.

But there are a lot of hidden gardens in Chicago.

Mechanized noise from Lake Dusable Lake Shore Drive is one hundred yards in Lincoln Park.

Karen Szyjka is with the Chicago Park District.

“You can hear the sound of water,” she said. It is surrounded by, and the sounds of the city are seldom heard.

Alfred Caldwell Lily ool l – 125W Fullerton Pkwy

Gob itors can study the stability of this national landmark, located far from Fullerton Parkway. The magnificent Alfred Caldwell Lily was completed in 1938.

Caldwell’s masterpiece was built at his own expense.

“He paid for his life insurance policy to buy a truck and drive to Wisconsin and get all the plant materials,” Szyjka said. Alfred Caldwell really wanted to bring the field to the city.

It is a garden surrounded by history.

1836 Widow Clark House – 1827 S. Indiana Street

1836 Widow Clark House at 18Th Street and Indiana Avenue overlooks Chicago Women’s Park and Garden.

The “Help Hands” commemorates Jane Horizons, a social activist in the same area.

“It’s a little bit beautiful there,” said Zizika. There are a few alcoholics and kids love it.

South Merrill Community Garden – 7030 S. Merrill Ave.

Among the apartment buildings in Chicago’s South Shore, Gob visitors can find an earthly paradise in the South Merrill Community Garden.

Diane Hodges, a 72-year-old gardener, is a visionary and welcomes visitors to the sanctuary.

“Everyone wants to come and leave their mark in the garden. They are even more welcome than you are,” she said. And be a part of this special project.

There are art projects and a garden to draw in the surrounding families.

The rich soil and bright colors of this city shelter are in the 70’sTh Road and South Meryl Avenue Hoggs offers a natural healing experience.

“It’s a color therapy. We know art is healing. ” “This has been scientifically proven. That is why people enjoy working in their gardens.

Grassland Cemetery – 4001 N Clark St., Chicago

You may be surprised to find a cemetery in a garden not far from the rig.

The Chicago Dead Cemetery at the Grassland Cemetery, a green lush blanket covering the tombs of past lights from George ull Lehman to store heir Marshall Junior and architect Daniel Berham.

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