Explore opportunities in agriculture, horticulture – Yankee – You see, it worries young people

Some flowers on display

Some flowers on display

Ghana Enterprise Agency (GEA) CEO Kosi Yanki-Ayeh urged young entrepreneurs to explore opportunities to create wealth and protect the environment in agriculture, horticulture and horticulture.

He said the government has a system of support for young people through the agency, including women who have ventured into the flower and horticulture industry.

“In every chain, there is money to be made. Pay attention to the world and notice the direction it is going. Our job is to help you. We have worked with over 70,000 people, 70 percent of whom are women, ”she added.

The CEO spoke at last Thursday’s conference as part of programs at this year’s Garden and Flower Fair in Accra, Switzerland, under the theme “Nine Years of Green Life.”

Opened on August 25, 2021, the event will conclude tomorrow with an awards night to honor the efforts and contributions of individuals and organizations in the local flower industry.


The event Strategic Communication Africa Limited (Stratcom Africa), launched in 2013, is a major program in the field of horticulture.

The aim is to ensure a clean and healthy lifestyle, to beautify the country’s public spaces and homes, and to promote environmental protection and employment opportunities, among other things.

This year’s show includes educational and networking activities such as conferences, flower care – discussions on women raising men, Israeli green creative competition, children’s workshops, and exciting activities such as movies, music and karaoke.


According to Esther Kobah, CEO of STRATCOMM and the leader of the Ghana Flower Movement, the show has grown exponentially, with the movement focusing on individual responsibility to ensure a green and clean country.

“This is in line with Ghana’s Green Agenda and Sanitation Program as well as international efforts to address climate change,” he said.

“We take our environment for granted until disaster strikes. Let’s stop the flood so that people don’t die. It is something that all Ghanaians should accept in our actions and behavior. We need to change our attitude toward the gift of nature. ”

According to her, the movement has successfully promoted a green, clean, healthy, rich and more beautiful country over the past nine years.

In addition to her love for plants, the annual event provided an opportunity for people to learn from successful professionals and achieve greatness.


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