Extending the quarantine route will provide some relief to Victorian gardeners

Austvik Vak, Victoria’s largest industry body for horticulture growers, welcomes the long-awaited announcement that the Victorian Government will expand its neutral path with Tasmania to include up to 1,500 workers from the Pacific islands as part of a seasonal labor program and part of the Pacific labor force. The plan, though, believes that after this extension, farmers should be more confident that they can get workers.

This agreement extended the neutral route to Tasmania by continuing to contribute $ 2,000 per employee to independent costs.

Given the seriousness of the current labor crisis, AUSVEG VIC has advocated for a future plan between the Victorian and Tasmanian governments to ensure a smooth and safe extension of the workforce after the deployment of these 1,500 new employees.

According to Paul Gazzola, president of AUSVEG VIC and third-generation Victorian gardener, the announcement from Agriculture Minister Mary-Ann Thomas gives them confidence that they will be able to reach out to workers in need at the time of the program and in the Pacific this fall. Labor plan.

“There is a great demand for workers from the Pacific Islands and a strong departure from this route. The future must be considered for more reliable quarantine routes that could be developed first and / or through neutrality in agriculture, ”Mr. Gazozola believes.

A recent report by EY on labor demand for fruit and vegetable harvesting estimates that there will be a shortage of up to 24,000 workers across the country this year, with a total of up to 19,000 in Victoria’s peak harvest.

Mr. Gazozola said: “I urge all Victorian farmers to plan ahead and submit their manpower needs as soon as possible.

AUSVEG VIC looks forward to working with Victoria and the Federal Government in the future to protect the domestic and international manpower that the industry needs.

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