Extension Gardening Workshops

LAS VEGAS: University of Nevada, Reno Extension Master Certified Gardener Volunteers and Associate Professors Angela Okalagan and M.L. Robinson hold online and in-person workshops for Southern Nevada gardeners in September, October and November. Rooms cover gardens in southern Nevada, using local plants to create a lush landscape, gardening to help with gardening, and more.

“Last year, after much demand, we were happy to re-establish a garden on the sunny side,” said Extension Program Officer Lori Lice. “A mix of virtual and physical education is a wonderful way to expand our reach to existing and potential gardeners.

Gardening in the Sun on Tuesday morning is an eight-week series of online lessons on the basics of gardening. The series is open to all individuals, but serves as a first step for those who want to work to enter the main garden. Growing Under the Stars is a once-a-month online workshop on Wednesday night. In small gardens, four-hour physical workshops are held once a month on Saturday mornings.

Details of the workshops include:

Garden on the Sun – Main Garden Level 1

This series costs $ 89. Contact Leas at Leasl@unr.edu for more information.

  • Tuesday, September 14 – November 2, 9 – 11:30 p.m. Learn practical and research-based horticultural practices for Southern Nevada during this eight-week series of virtual yet interactive lectures by the Faculty of Extension and horticulturists. During these talks, participants will learn about basic soil science, vegetation, desert bio-espresso, native plants, and other important fruits and vegetables that meet the requirements of the first grade of the main horticultural volunteer training program. Visit https://tinyurl.com/897hy7nd to register.

Growing Under the Stars Zoom Workshop with Major Gardeners

These courses are free and will be held from 6 to 8 p.m.

  • September 8, Herbs for Healthy Skin. Master Glenda Bona discusses herbal remedies that can be used to soften, soften and soften the skin, and teach participants how to use oily oils, balms, ointments, ceramics and other products. Visit https://tinyurl.com/78zzczna to register.
  • October 20, Garden Apps. Master Gardener Susan Lloyd teaches participants how to use their cell phones to identify growing plants and some of the tricks that their phones can do in the garden. Visit https://tinyurl.com/ac5ypz2t to register.
  • Nov. 10, Roman. Hemp Freeman, Phamp’s chief gardener, discusses best practices for caring for and pruning pomegranate trees. Visit https://tinyurl.com/3u6c3y64 to register.

Garden in small rooms

These classes are $ 10 each, 8 a.m. – noon. Contact Fagin at efagin@unr.edu for more information.

  • September 18, using native and desert-friendly plants in the landscape. In this course, Extension Professor M. L. Robinson will focus on how lush landscaping can still be achieved by using plants that thrive in desert soil and climate and limited water. Visit https://tinyurl.com/tkvrfsk to register.
  • October 16, roses. Master gardener and rosary Judith Kafantaris teach participants about the characteristics they need in roses that can produce good results in dry climates such as the Mojave Desert. Participants will also learn how to care for roses to get large flowers and protect healthy plants. Visit https://tinyurl.com/jpswn48e to register.
  • November 20, Growing Fruit at Home. Extension Professor Angela Okalagan leads participants by growing fruit trees and berries in the desert. Visit https://tinyurl.com/e47t3fk3 to register.

For general gardening questions, contact the University of Nevada, Reno Extension at 702-222-3130 or lvmastergardeners@unr.edu, or visit extension.unr.edu. People who need special accommodation or assistance should call at least three days before the event.

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