Extension offers home gardening courses online

The University of Nevada, Reno Extension, is working to bring more gardening lessons online, and a virtual indoor gardening certificate program will begin in August. The program is led by Extraordinary Gardeners and provides in-depth knowledge of how to care for their garden in Northern Nevada.

“This series prepares you to enroll in a master gardening training program and to become a volunteer,” said Rachel McLlore, coordinator of the Wasow County Master Gardener. However, it is also a good lesson for those who are not interested in volunteering, but who need a deep understanding of the basics to take care of their own landscape.

Science-based information covers topics including domestic plants, lawns and grasses, soil, pests and water quality. Ten sessions are highlighted from 1 to 4 Tuesday, Tuesday, and Thursday, August 17 – September 16. Two session sessions are scheduled for July 15 and August 3.

The program is $ 185 and includes all materials. Participants must attend all sessions to obtain an indoor garden certificate.

Registration and session details

Space is limited. Register online athletes before September 6th.

Registration is required for both online directions.

Class schedule

  • August 17 – Landscape and Nevada landscape
  • August 19: Native plants
  • August 24: Water efficiency in landscape
  • August 26: Grass and landscape grass
  • August 31 – A garden in Nevada soil
  • September 2 – Pottery Media and Container Garden
  • September 7 – Anxious and anxious pests
  • September 9 – Integrated Pest Management and Low Risk Pest Control
  • September 14 Q&A
  • September 16: Indoor Gardening Experiment

Source – UNR extension

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