Facebook, Telcos to extend the underground cable to four countries

Facebook and a group of African and international telecom companies will expand the construction of the world’s largest submarine project to four more countries in Africa, the company said in a joint statement on Monday.

In this picture taken on December 2, 2019, the Facebook logo appears on a mobile phone. Reuters / Johanna Geron / Illustration / File Photo

The Internet will extend to the Seychelles, the Comoros Islands, Angola and a new terminal in southeastern Nigeria. This is in addition to the recent extension to the Canary Islands, the companies said.

2Africa’s project portfolio includes South Africa’s MTN Global Connect, Facebook, Mauritius-based infrastructure provider WIOCC, China Mobile International, French Orange SA, Saudi Arabia Stc, Telecom Egypt and Vodafone.

Alcatel submarine network (ASN) has been selected to deploy the new “branches”, which will increase the number of 2Africa landings in 26 countries to 35, further improving relations between Africa and the region.

“Most of the underground survey activity is now complete. ASN has started manufacturing and rebuilding cables in factories in Kella and Greenwich to deploy the first batches in 2022, ”the companies said.

The African Union, the Middle East and Europe will meet in May 2020 to connect. The union, which is expected to be broadcast live by the end of 2023, was launched.

Submarine cables carry 99 percent of the world’s information traffic and create the backbone of the Internet.

Africa’s largest economies have a large number of fast-growing Internet users, rapidly expanding mobile broadband networks and speeding up affordable phones.

However, with a population of over 1.3 billion, Africa is still lagging behind in Internet connectivity, with an average of 26% of mobile phone users and 51% of the world’s average.

The companies say 2Africa will be the world’s largest underground cable project.

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