Fact Check-Pack did not stop Pat from Tingab Parks to prevent harassment

Hyderabad: Pakistani Independence Day August 14 An attack on a Tiktore woman in Lahore Minar, Pakistan, sparked riots in the country and on social media. Following this, there have been reports that Punjab in Pakistan has banned ticks in parks to prevent similar incidents.

This claim has been circulated in many media outlets with up to 13,000 likes.

Even India has reported that Pakistan has decided to ban TikTokers in parks as a solution to mass abuse.

YouTube Channel, Ari News, and Tiktokers have also been banned from Pun Najab Parks.

Proof of fact;

The claim is false.

There has been a flurry of sympathy and anger over the attack on a woman Tiktocker in Minar-e-Pakistan. This has led to numerous reports that TikTokers have been banned from parks to prevent such incidents in the future.

However, Azar Maswani, the official head of digital media in Punjab, said in a statement that the news was false and that no decision had been made by the Punjab government. TikTok says it is currently banned in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani news agencies, the director general of the Punjab Parks and Garden Development Authority (PHA), Jawad Ahmed Kureshi, said no written notice had been issued banning female tectos from the parks.

According to the popular news agency Down, there are reports that strict orders are being issued, but these orders do not require a prior script to be fired, and they do not mention the entry of Tick Tokers into parks. In addition, there were suggestions from security personnel to monitor ticketing and other content creators, but the ban was never lifted.

Three days after Pun Najab posted a YouTube video claiming to have blocked TikTokers from parks, Ari News reported that the news was false.

It is clear that there is nothing forbidden in Pakistan’s Pun Najab parks. So the news is false.


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