Fairfield’s 21-year-old heritage is helping to grow local gardens

Fairfield, City – When he lost his son Tucker Secretist at the age of 21 in 2017, his family wanted to do something special not only to honor the memory but also to help and focus on what he cared most about.

Just last month, The 2018 Fairfield-based nonprofit The Tucker Fund has donated 30,000 pollen gardens to two local projects: one from the H. Smith Richardson Golf Course, and the other from the Connecticut Audubon Association on Bur Street.

“We wanted to do something to give back to the community,” said Karen Secrist, a Christian mother. Of course, it was just a matter of returning and guarding all the open spaces.

“He really liked it and meant a lot to her,” she said.

The Tukur Fund’s initial initiative included the creation of a pollen road at Hoyt Field, which raised about $ 15,000 for a corn hole event.

A.D. In 2019, he raised $ 15,000 to the Conservation Commission to help repair a bird watching on Oldfield Street.

“Next year was Covie, so we couldn’t host an event,” he said, but the fund raised another $ 8,000 to create an initiative.

This year, June 26, a non-profit organization finally hosted another fundraising event, and it did very well. As a result, a pest-free garden on the back of the golf course is not for $ 15,000, and the other is in the planning stages with the city in front of it.

“They were totally in agreement,” says Karen.

The Fund is also assisting the Audubon Association to repair the Larson Perfume Loop for $ 15,000, with in-house installation and general repairs.

“The Takker Fund has been a wonderful way to celebrate Tucker’s memory,” said his sister Clare Secrist.

The family misses him every day, but his charitable activities and activities keep him in mind.

“With these projects, we remind him of his love for his friends, family, and the city of Fairfield,” she said.

Sophie Afif of Fairfield, one of Tucker’s closest friends, also talks about how a nonprofit can help to honor his life and heritage.

He was a man of incomparable ability to create laughter, sincerity, and happiness with everyone he met. ”

Along with his love of nature, Afif Tucker was curious and enjoyed exploring nature.

He enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family.

“He has given us endless memories of his charisma and brilliance,” Afif said.

Other family members, including Tracy Surich of Fairfield, agreed.

“Tucker really enjoys nature and being outdoors,” she said. “We know he loves this garden … this setting and the purpose of the garden.”

The influence of the charity continues to grow, partly due to the presence of a full board of directors.

“This is something he is proud of,” said Karen.

Visit www.thetuckerfund.com for more information.

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