Fall in love during the holidays

Members of the persistent COVID-19 epidemic community in the highlands still find the fall as a good reason to celebrate with joy, food, and fellowship, just like everyone else. The change of leaves, the fresh autumn weather, the hope of the coming winter are all perfect opportunities to gather for the fall of old fashion. Apple picks, handmade crafts, or locally roasted beer, the top country offers something small for everyone at the moment.

Valle Country Exhibition, Valle CruzEvery traveler with a variety of activities to satisfy the visitors of the Vale Country Exhibition is a dream. In the village of Valle Cruz, the exhibition will take place on the plains across the Holy Cross Church on 122 Skills Road in Sendek Elk.

Events that include live mountain music, handicrafts, pumpkin bowling, and more are free to enter the Vale Country Exhibition on Saturday, October 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., although parking costs start at $ 10 per car. Parking is $ 25 per minibus or van and $ 50 per bus or motor trainer.

The Vale Country Exhibition is sponsored by members of the Holy Cross Church of the Holy Cross. Members host an annual event to raise money for community promotion programs. “Sharing the Love of Christ in the Ministry of Compassion” The mission of the churches has always been the driving force behind the show.

Many of the exhibitors’ vendors donate all the money from donations to the show. Other vendors donate 10 percent of their revenue to the fair as a tithe. All works presented at the exhibition will be handcrafted and will be subject to strict judgments by members of the Holy Cross Church to ensure their design, form and concept.

The two steps next to the dining tent allow travelers to enjoy traditional mountain music in a heated bowl in Brunswick. Other offers at the fair include apple butter, jam and jelly and bakery, as well as onions and peppers, chili and barbecue.

Near the grazing alpacas, the Youth Forum, the Artists & Sand Art booth, will feature performances by young artists and dancers. The children’s area offers a child-friendly antique fall experience complete with carnival games and pumpkin sculptures.

A.D. In 2019, the show distributed $ 60,000 to non-profit organizations serving the needy throughout Wataga and Avery County. Recipients of this year’s Vale Country Assistance include Waga County County Schools Extended Learning Center, Spiritual Journey, Parent-to-Family Family Support Network, Mountain Alliance, Life Village, Hunger and Health Coalition, Senior Country Caregivers, Children’s Council, Blue Farm Women in Agriculture and Appalachian Higher Programs , Foster grandparents and senior affiliate programs.

For more information on the Valle Cruz show, call the Valle Country Justice Committee (828) 963-4609 or email holy_cross@skybest.com.

Wool Worm Festival, Flag Elk

Known as the “North Carolina Official Wool Festival,” the Flag Elk Wool Festival is an exciting 2-day event that brings thousands of customers to Flag Elk each year.

The wool worm festival celebrates the 44-year-old tradition in a friendly and fuzzy competition. As you slide to the top of a LENGTH string, fans bet on tiny bugs. The winning worm predicts the coming winter weather.

These tiny creatures enter the winter and outnumber the winter. Some worms are known to survive for up to 14 winters. They produce chemicals that keep their bodies strong and free of side effects.

Jim Morton, co-founder of the wool worm festival, first learned about the worm in 1973. He spent the first autumn in that area. Interest in local mythology has laid the foundation for the theory that wool worms can predict the weather. Legend has it that 13 parts of a wool worm are related to 13 weeks of winter. Black parts are said to indicate severe weather, while orange or brown parts are said to indicate mild weather.

But Morton disagreed as to which wool worm, some more orange than black, some black around it. Morton saw a grasshopper gleaming, and the idea of ​​competing with worms came along.

Flag was sent by Elk, Morton and a group of merchants for the annual event. In 1978, he founded the Wool Worm Festival Association. Forty-four years later, the wool worm festival was held for the same reasons and paid for the practice at the same time. Tradition.

This year’s celebration will begin at 9:00 a.m. on October 16-17 at 185 Azelia Club, Banner Elk High School. Wool worm competitions begin at 10 a.m. The winning worm was announced on Saturday.

Fans are encouraged to enjoy more than 170 vendors, as well as music and dance, and carnival rides, food and crafts.

Admission to the festival is $ 6 for adults, $ 4 for children ages six and 12, and free for children 5 and under. All proceeds from the festival will be donated to the community to promote schools, children’s programs, and to promote business and tourism in Avery County. Due to Covidy-19, all visitors will be required to wear a head covering.

For more information on the 44th Annual Wool Festival (828) 898-5605.

Octoberberist, Sugar MountainThe annual Mountain of Sugar October brings the festive, Bavarian atmosphere to the highlands during the harvest season. October October, October 9 to Sunday, October 10, will take you to the main lodge of Sugar Mountain Resort to capture Beerhossen.

The festival offers real music entertainment with the Port Toast Band.

At 1009 Sugar Mountain Drive, the festival will be held daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with music starting at noon. Admission, parking and transportation services are free of charge. The event includes Bavarian food including broth, buckwheat, sauerkraut, strudel and pretzels, although to the best of American standards, it includes fresh dogs, hamburgers, soda, cotton candy ketchup, fungus cakes, candy apples and more.

Avery County Clogers will hold a special exhibition on Sunday at 2:00 pm Local craftsmen and craftsmen will display their items at the 31st Sugar Mountain Oakberfest, Sugar Mountain Skiing. From food to metalwork, there are many types of goods available to the public.

Dance floor guests Saturday at 4pm will be eligible for the October October costume contest.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Summit Express Chairman travels to the top of Mount Sugar, where guests can enjoy local foliage. Every day.

The festival Children’s Entertainment Center operates on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some activities include leisure time, grass trips, cornfields, water balloons, and pumpkin bowling. Admission to the Children’s Recreation Center is $ 15.

Finger Jam Festival, Spruce Pine

Toe Jam is a rock ‘n’ roll concert at Spruce Pine in the mountains of northwestern Carolina. Groove a sample of classic achievements, local food and beverages and enjoy this family-friendly corn pit game.

Guests are encouraged to leave the best local and regional rock, hard rock and rock country music night for bands, ukuleles and fiddles. This year’s guests include The Pierce Danger Band, Spruce Pine and The Rewind, Boone.

Purchasing an official toe for $ 1 will provide access to sample drinks at a nearby Berdok Brewery. Entering the festival, which includes a toe jam trophy and a beer bracelet, costs $ 5. All entrants use the To Jam Jam Music Scholarship Fund.

In 503 E.

Uniko County Apple Festival, Erwin Ten.Downtown Erwin, Ten is turned into a festival venue every year for the Uniko County Apple Festival. The festival attracts more than 110,000 participants each year. The festival has been named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast Tourism Association in the southeast and is a three-year winner of the Northwest Tennessee Tourism Association’s Pinnok Award.

The event features agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts, livestock, sheep, production, flowers, cooking, wine, arts and crafts, industrial attractions and more.

The 44th Annual Uniko County Apple Festival will be held October 1-2 from 9 am-6pm. The two-day event will host live music, the 4-mile competition, the Apple App Festival, cooking competitions and more than 300 vendors.

Antlers & Acorns: The Boone Songwriters Festival

This three-day festival brings Doc Watson’s music to the streets of King and Depot. The festival will be joined by word-of-mouth forgers, cardholders and sharp and apartment weavers, fairy tales, prophets and liars. The city itself is a meeting place, with bars, restaurants, cafes and theaters. Music lovers walk from one reception door to another to hear the story of their favorite singer, where they came from, where they went. It is a close connection, a weekend in the mountains, a hike in the woods.

The festival, which begins on Thursday, September 9, will begin with a Guy Clark documentary ‘Without Killing or Arresting’ and with a friend and guardian. The following evening, Friday, September 10, will include a Friday night reception at the Buffalo Brewery. The festival will close on Saturday, September 11 at Jones House with a songwriter performance from 12: 30-6 p.m.


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