Fall is the perfect time to help your garden attract butterflies

One big, late summer rainfall will make a big difference to the landscape, and summer heat stress will bring healthy new growth after many plants are alive. We hope that more spring rains will come in all gardens and landscapes to make the season more beautiful and productive. Falling to attract butterflies is a great time of year; Fall is generally a good time to plant, and in October the kings will cross over and need nectar to feed.

Favorite floral arrangements for adult butterflies include butterfly bushes, butterfly weeds, blue mist flowers, Lantana, Salvia, Falling Esther and flame acanthus. Almond verbena is a wonderful choice not only for butterflies but also for bees and hummingbirds. If you want to try something new in the landscape, give it a try – it has incredibly fragrant and very strong, sweet fragrant white flowers. Plant it in the sun and allow it to grow in many places – it is an annual plant that grows many feet and grows very tall. It can fall during mild winters, but it will generally be better if it is cut down and raised above ground each spring.

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