Fall Master Garden Training moves online

If you are interested in becoming an Arkansas gardener, now is the time to apply. We have launched Fall Master Gardener Training online from Zom. This will be open for two months to complete the current online training trainees.

According to the press release, “This program will be of interest to anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills of fruits and vegetables,” said Bernie Kurz, an extension professor at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Agriculture.

Master Gardener Online Training Cost is $ 150 but Miller County Extension Service is pleased to offer this online training for $ 100. The $ 100 training cost covers your book, training materials, name badge and first year fees. Payment must be returned with a training application, and (signed) volunteer agreement.

This year’s Master Gardener Training will begin through October 15, 2021. This online course is self-contained and subscribers have until December 15 to complete the course.

The deadline to submit your applications to our office is September 27, 2021 (Late applications will not be accepted). Applications are available through your Miller County Extension Service at 1007 Jefferson Ave, Texarkana AR or the application is available online. If you have any questions or would like to send an application by mail or email, please call 870-779-3609 or email jmoody@uada.edu

“Individuals can complete an online gardening training program for homeowners who are willing to volunteer as a gardener through their local County Extension Office,” says Kurz. You can contact our office for alternative training methods with no, or limited internet access.

Trainees learn about basic plant, soil and fertilizer, pest control and pest control. In addition, there will be lessons on landscape design, horticulture, annual and annual and other topics of interest to homeowners.

“After graduating, the participant will be immersed in Master Garden volunteer projects where he will be able to apply new learned skills and learn the secrets of gardening from other master gardeners,” Kurz said.


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