‘False News’: Punjab Government Denies Reports of Tick Tokens in Parks

The Punjab government has denied reports that it has banned the entry of ticks into parks in the region.

Punjab Chief Minister Azar Maswani, who is the focus of digital media, later dismissed him Geo News The Punjab government has reportedly banned TikTokers from entering the region’s parks.

According to the report, only government media outlets are allowed to shoot videos in the parks.

“False news. No government decision has been made yet. TikTok is currently banned in Pakistan, ”Mashwani said.

Jawad Ahmed Kureshim, director general of the Punjab Parks and Parks Authority (PH), has been fired.

In a statement, the Kureshi official said it had rejected all rumors of a ban on ticks in parks across Lahore.

TikTokers and YouTubers say no text has been issued banning them from entering parks.

Contacting Dawn.comHe said security in the parks was not the responsibility of the authority, adding that the department’s responsibilities were limited to protecting facilities and equipment.

The prime minister added that plans were being considered for families to be allowed to visit the parks. He said the department is working to improve security equipment in state parks.

News of the release came after videos emerged of harassment and harassment in Lahore’s Great Iqbal Park.

The videos were widely circulated on social media, provoking public outrage and attracting the attention of the police.

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Police arrested 34 more suspects in connection with the case on Monday, bringing the total to 126 suspects.

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