Family chips with deception for the community

Peter Collins is a philosophical Santa.

For the second year in a row, the Parera farmer gathered his family to make 10 pounds[10 kg]of potato bags for each family in the small town.

Last year’s presentation was during the Level 4 lockout, but this year, unlike the police, he had to wait up to Level 3 to carry out Collins’ falls.

Three generations worked together on the Delmore farm, so many hands did the simple task of packing the potatoes, loading the truck, and carrying out the supply.

We stayed in our own bubble and went outside.

In fact, no one sees us. We go in and out, and we leave them in the mailboxes.

There are many stops and starters, so they may all last about four hours.

Receive the remaining agri potatoes with contact phone number.

Mr. Collins estimates that he received 70 letters of appreciation and 50 phone calls.

According to him, there is only one thing the family can do for the community – and two tons of agre potatoes do not produce much in a 1,000-ton crop.

Born and raised in Paris, Mr. Collins went to school in the city before he started farming.

“I started to cheat. I was just a kid, I didn’t have any money, so I went around to farmers and asked for their way. That’s where I started, and now we own 1000 ha. We bought the valley.”

A large part of Delmore’s farm is now a herd of 1,200 heads of dairy cows, but Mr. Collins says he is not ready to give up the potato altogether — 100 ha is now 20ha but he is not sure he will come there one day. Not on the property.

“I have just finished growing spas, but it is a little sick with me. I have raised them for 60 years. ”

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